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EIWS COMMON CORE (105 Supply and Support)

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105.1 Discuss the purpose of the 3-M/PMS System
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Material Obligation Validation represents unfilled quantity of a requisition that is not immediately available for issue. The program allows for the periodic validation of all outstanding requisitions. If the requisition is no longer required a cancellation request is generated and if received a receipt is processed
Depot Level Repairables are Navy managed items that have been selected for special inventory control based on unit cost, annual demand, difficulty of repair, and other economic considerations. DLRs must be returned to the Designated Support Point / Designated Overhaul Point when they are Beyond Capable Maintenance at the authorized maintenance activity. DLR items are listed and identified by NSN, cognizance symbol, and material control code in FEDLOG and FBM Master Repairables Item Listing