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105.1 Discuss the purpose of the 3-M/PMS System
Maintenance and Material Management/Planned Maintenance provides efficient and uniform methods of conducting and recording preventative and corrective maintenance in a way that allows easy access to the collected data
105.2 Explain how DPAS is used to track equipment
Defense Property Accountability System is used to track physical accountability of DoD property and provides data to the DON Financial Statements for inclusion into the Plant, Property, and Equipment (PP&E)
105.3 Discuss the purpose of the MOV program
Material Obligation Validation represents unfilled quantity of a requisition that is not immediately available for issue. The program allows for the periodic validation of all outstanding requisitions. If the requisition is no longer required a cancellation request is generated and if received a receipt is processed
105.4 Discuss the DLRs program
Depot Level Repairables are Navy managed items that have been selected for special inventory control based on unit cost, annual demand, difficulty of repair, and other economic considerations. DLRs must be returned to the Designated Support Point / Designated Overhaul Point when they are Beyond Capable Maintenance at the authorized maintenance activity. DLR items are listed and identified by NSN, cognizance symbol, and material control code in FEDLOG and FBM Master Repairables Item Listing
105.5 Explain the procedures for NRFI DLRs in regard to the following situations
Turn-in: A not ready for issue repairable component that requires turn-in to a repair facility or designated overhaul point

RIP: Remain In Place are items that are repairable components that cannot be removed until receipt of a replacement item
105.6 Define the purpose of the following
MAMs: Maintenance Assistant Modules are test modules required to execute an approved maintenance plan that calls for the identification of a fault through a progressive sequence of module substitution

Bulkhead mounted spares: Material authorized for stowage in other departments; for materials in which they are used and stored for those spaces. (Materials needed for that particular space)
105.7 Define the term CASREP and explain the four categories
The Casualty Report is designed to support the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and fleet commanders in the management of assigned forces. CASREP situation is defined as an equipment malfunction or deficiency that cannot be corrected within 48 hours and reduces an activity's ability to perform a primary or secondary mission

1. Initial: Identifies, to an appropriate level of detail, the status of the casualty and parts and/or assistance requirements

2. Update: Contains information similar to that submitted in the INITIAL CASREP and/or submits changes to previously submitted information

3. Correction: Submitted when equipment which has been the subject of casualty reporting is repaired and back in operational condition

4. Submitted upon commencement of an overhaul or other scheduled availability period when equipment, which has been the subject of casualty reporting, is scheduled to be repaired
105.8 Define the following acronyms
NSN: National Stock Number
COG: Cognizance symbol
APL: Allowance Parts List
AEL: Allowance Equipage List
NC: Not Carried
NIS: Not In Stock
SIM: Selected Item Management Item
105.9 State the purpose of the following forms
DD Form 1348-6 - Requisition material that cannot be identified by a national stock number

NAVCOMPT 2276 - Contractual procurement, NAVCOMPT form

NAVSUP 1250-2 - Requisition is used for obtaining materials that do not have a national stock number

DD Form 448 - Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request

DD Form 1155 - Designed to encourage faster delivery of materials or services from contractors

SF 44 - Designed for on the spot, over the counter purchase of supplies and services while away from the purchasing office Purchase of materials and services, limit of $2500, exception aviation fuel $25,000

SF 1449 - Solicitation/Contract/Order for Commercial Items

SF 30 - Amendment of Solicitation/Modification of Contract

DD Form 200 - Financial Liability Investigation of Property Loss

SF 364 - Used to report discrepancies

SF 368 - Request for conditional release
105.10 Discuss the following
CHRIMP - Consolidated Hazardous Material Reutilization and Inventory Management Program. Fundamental element of the Navy's life-cycle control and management of Hazardous Material

DRMO - Defense Reutilization Marketing Service. Mission is to provide the DOD's best value services and deliver great performance to our customers for the reuse, transfer, donation, sale or disposal of excess/surplus property

ServMart - self-service store operated by an ashore supply activity. Provides a ready supply of relatively low-cost items frequently required by customers in the area
105.11 Discuss the uses of the Government commercial purchase Card (IMPAC) (VISA)
Purchase card is intended to streamline DON's financial management and procurement processes by reducing the administrative burden associated with traditional and emergency purchases of supplies and services.
105.12 Explain OPTAR and its components
Operating Target is defined as an estimate of the amount of money that will be required by an operating ship, staff, squadron, or other unit to perform assigned tasks and functions. Repair/Repairable and Consumables
105.13 State the difference between the following
Normal Power: Stable power

Emergency Power: Only essential systems should be placed on the emergency system with a generator being the primary emergency power source. Essential systems should be automatically restored to operation within 10 seconds after interruption of the normal source

Uninterruptible Power: Critical equipment and systems that cannot risk loss of data or performance should be placed on uninterruptible power supply to assure continued performance during a power outage or allow time to transfer of function to an alternate EOC