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Behavior therapy is associated with all but one of the following

a philosophical view of human behavior

Behavior therapy assumes that

behavior is learned

Behavior therapy is characterized by

all of these

Behavior therapy is based on

applying the experimental method to the therapeutic process

The main goal of behavior therapy is based on

eliminating maladaptive learning and providing for more effective learning

Which of the following interventions is not associated with the third wave of behavior therapy

relaxation training

Which of the following is not true regarding behavior therapy

the client is merely passive while the therapist uses techniques

Which anxiety reduction technique involves creating a hierarchy of the client's fearful experiences

systematic desensitization

Behavior therapy is suited for

all of these

In the ABC model, the A stands for


Who has done most of the work in the area of modeling

Albert Bandura

B.F. Skinner is associated with which of the following trends in the behavioral approach

operant conditioning

Phil has been in behavior therapy to address his fear of heights. The treatment will not be considered complete until

Phil transfers what he learns in therapy to his everyday life and takes actual steps to confront his fear

What is not a part of the steps in a self-directed change program


Which of the following is not one of the seven major areas of personality functioning described by the acronym "BASIC ID"


Which of the following is true about "technical eclecticism" in the multimodal therapy

Therapists use techniques from various theoretical models without subscribing to the theory

Which of the following behavior therapists is credited with developing the social cognitive learning model, doing much work on observational learning and modeling, and writing about self-efficacy


Multimodal therapy is a therapeutic approach that is grounded on

social learning theory

Which of the following clinical strategies is not necessarily employed during assertion training


A limitation of behavior therapy is

none of these

When practicing mindfulness

all of these

Wolpe's systematic desensitization is based on the principles of

classical conditioning

The situation in which behaviors are influenced by the consequences that follow them is

operant conditioning

Skinner's view of shaping behavior is based on the principle of

operant conditioning

What involves the removal of unpleasant stimuli from a situation once a certain behavior has occurred

negative reinforcement

In dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), skills are taught in four modules. Which among the following is not one of the modules listed in the text

relapse prevention

All of the following are characteristics of the behavioral approaches except

behavior therapy employs the same procedures to every client with a particular dysfunctional behavior

In conducting a behavioral assessment, the client's functioning is taken into account in which area(s)

all of these

Behavior therapists tend to

all of these

All of the following are steps in the use of systematic desensitization except for


Techniques used in mindfulness-based stress reduction therapy include all but


Mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy (MBCT) integrates techniques from

mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavior therapy

Self-management strategies include

all of these

If your client wanted to change a behavior, for instance, learning to control smoking, drinking, or eating, which behavioral technique would be most appropriate to employ


In acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), another way to describe the term "acceptance" is

nonjudgmental awareness

Lazarus argues in favor of

technical eclecticism

In group settings, behavior therapists provide all of the following except

little direct feedback

The key principle in applied behavior analysis is

to use the least aversive means to change behavior

In vivo flooding consists of

intense and prolonged exposure to the actual anxiety-producing stimuli

EMDR is typically used to help clients

restructure their cognitions regarding traumatic events

Which is not true of dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

DBT is a blend of Adlerian concepts and behavioral techniques

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