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  1. ressurection
  2. parasol
  3. dourly
  4. inexorably
  5. impassibly
  1. a n- a rebirth
  2. b adv- not feeling or showing emotion
  3. c adv- not to be persuaded or moved
  4. d adv- sadly
  5. e b- umbrella

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  1. n- harshness in tone or manner
  2. adv- impossible to perceive or understand
  3. n- place for people who are crazy
  4. adv- of the highest degree
  5. adj- avoid activity, exertion, lazy

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  1. trepidation-n- anxiety arising from guilt; distressed of mind over and anticipated action or result


  2. silhouetteadj- avoid activity, exertion, lazy


  3. mullsv- to think deeply about


  4. unperturbedadj- not easily drawn


  5. emphaticadj- with emphatic