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Get away with
Not get caught or punish for doing something wrong
Get down
To make someone depressed or unhappy
Get over
Recover from something
Go at
To attack someone
Go down with
To become ill with a particular illness
To go on about
Talk in an annoying way about something for a long time
Hand down
To pass knowledge or skills from one generation to the next
Juice up
Make something more exciting or more impressive
Knock back
To drink an alcoholic beverage
Knock together
To make something quickly and without much care
Lie down
To lie on a flat surface
Make off with
To escape with something stolen
Mess around
To waste time
Be off
Back down
Admit that you're wrong
Back out
To fail to keep an arrangement or promise
Back up
Support someone
Get about
Visit many places
Get above
To behave as if you're better or more important than others
Get after
To criticize someone
Get along
To have a good relationship
Get around
Become known
Get away
Get away from
To talk about something different from what you should be talking about
Get back into
Start doing something after stopping for some time
Get back to
Contact someone later to give a reply
Get back together
Restart a relationship with somebody
Get behind
To support, to help
Get by
To have just enough money to live on
Get in on
Become involved
Get off
Escape a punishment
Get on for
To approach a certain age or time
Get onto
Start discussing a topic
Get out of
Avoid doing something you dislike
Get to
To annoy or upset someone
Get together
meet each other, spend time together
Get up to
do something wrong or naughty
Go about
Begin to do something or deal with something
Go after
Chase or follow someone in order to caught h them
Go along with
Agree with someone or something