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32 terms

Lesson 4

Textbook: Easy Way to Learn Chinese Characters"
(měi) beautiful
(hǎo) good
(xīu) rest
(kàn) look/watch
(cóng) follow/from
(míng) bright/clear
(tǐ) body
(fēn) divide/separate
(nǐ) you
(Hàn) Chinese
(de) used after an adjective
(yǐ) according to/because of
(wài) out/outside
(kè) quarter/carve
(zì) character
(xiě) write
(shì) be
(míng) name/famous/measure word
(diǎn) dot/a little/o'clock
(xī) breath/rest
(gàn) do/work
(yú) in/at/on
(bèi) shell/cowrie
(jiàn) see/meet with
(cái) ability/just/only
(cùn) a unit of length
(gè) each/every
(chù) place/part
(bàn) do/handle
(wèi) for
(jiù) old (for things)
(yóu) cause/reason