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Mr.Lashley's DC BCIS, HHS,

data table

You use a ___ to automate data analyses.

amortization schedule

An ___ shows the beginning and ending balances and the amount of payment that is applied to the principal and interest over a period.

cell protection

___ ensures that users do not change the values inadvertently that are critical to the worksheet.

the formula checker

___ examines the formulas in a workbook in a manner similar to the way the spell checker examines a workbook for misspelled words.


The data ___ section of a worksheet includes data items entered by a user of a worksheet.


Cell ___ help to set off sections of a worksheet.

name, name

To print individual sections of a worksheet, ___ these sections then print them by ___.


When considering which cells another worksheet user should be able to manipulate, leave the cells ___.


You can deselect multiple selected sheets beginning with the Sheet 1 tab by pressing the ___ key and clicking the Sheet1 tab.


A cell ___ often is created from column or row titles.

Home tab | font group

Which of the following is the path to the borders button?

format cells

You can add and format a range border by right-clicking the selected range and clicking ___ on the shortcut menu.


You can select a cell or range by typing it's ___ in the Name Box and pressing the Enter key.


Names are ___ cell references.

Formulas tab | Defined Names group

Which of the following is the path to the Name Manager button?


Names are ___ to the workbook.

Formulas tab | Function Library group

Which of the following is the path to the Financial button and the PMT function?


With a ___ data table you can vary the value in one cell.


Data tables must be built in an ___ area of a worksheet.

Home tab | Editing group

Which of the following is the path to the Fill button?

Data Table | Data Tools group

What is the path to the What-If Analysis button?

As many as you want

Which of the following is the maximum number off active data tables per worksheet?

pressing the Delete key

You can delete a data table by selecting the data table and then ___.

Home tab | Styles group

Which of the following is the path to the Cells Styles button?


The ___ function returns the present value of an annuity.


To prevent round-off errors, use the ___ functinon.


You can select a worksheet so that it will fit on one page with an option on the ___ tab in the Page Setup dialog box.


You can set up a worksheet to print in black and white with an option on the ___ tab in the Page Setup dialog box.


In the accompanying figure, the Print area box accepts a name or a ___ to print.

draft quality

A check mark in the ___ check box speeds up printing by ignoring formatting and not printing most graphics.


Rather than setting a print are each time you want to print a range, you can ___ the range.


When building a worksheet for novice users, you should ___ the cells in that worksheet that you do not want changed, such as cells that contain text or formulas.


You should create a ___ when you want to keep others from changing the worksheet from protected to unprotected


To prevent sensitive data from being seen in a worksheet, you can hide the worksheet by clicking ___ on the shortcut menu.

View tab | Window group

To hide an entire workbook on an unattended computer, click the Hide button on the ___.

background formula checking

In a process called ___, Excel continually reviews the workbook for errors in formulas as you create or manipulate it.

formula checker

Similar to the spell checker, Excel has a ___ that check formulas in a worksheet for rule violations.

green triangle

When a formula fails to pass one of the rules and background formula checking is enabled, Excel displays a small ___ in the upper-left corner of the cell assigned the formula.


You can choose which rules you want Excel to use by enabling and disabling them in the ___area in the Excel Options dialog box, as shown in the accompanying figure.

trace error button

If you click the ___, Excel displays a menu; the first item int he menu identifies the error and the remainder of the menu contains commands you can click.

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