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111 EIWS COMMON CORE (Operations Security

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111.1 Define OPSEC
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OPSEC is a systematic, proven process that identifies, controls, and protects generally sensitive but unclassified information about a mission, operation, or activity. When effectively employed, it denies or mitigates an adversary's ability to compromise or interrupt a mission, operation, or activity. Without a coordinated effort to maintain the essential secrecy of plans and operations, our enemies can forecast, frustrate or defeat major military operations. Good OPSEC helps to blind our enemies, forcing them to make decisions with insufficient information
The OPSEC process, also known as the OPSEC five step process, is the enabling vehicle for OPSEC planning. It provides the required information for the OPSEC portion of any plan or activity.
Step One: Identify critical information
Step Two: Threat assessment
Step Three: Vulnerability assessment
Step Four: Risk assessment
Step Five: Measures / countermeasures
Effective planning and execution of public affairs (PA) operations is critical to accomplishing the commander's mission. The success of both depends on sound leadership and guidance. Successful PA operations are important in order to fulfill the public's right to know and maintain trust and confidence. Credible PA operations are necessary to support the commander's mission and keep the public informed throughout the spectrum of conflict.