112 EIWS COMMON CORE (Intelligence)

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a. HUMINT: Human Intelligence is the gathering of information through human contact. It is, along with signals intelligence and imagery intelligence, one of the three traditional means of intelligence gathering.
b. OSINT: Open Source Information is derived from newspapers, journals, radio and television, and the internet.
c. MASINT: Measurement and Signature Intelligence is scientific and technical intelligence information obtained by quantitative and qualitative analysis of data (metric, angle, spatial, wavelength, time dependence, modulation, plasma, and hydromagnetic) derived from specific technical sensors for purpose of identifying any distinctive features associated with the source, emitter, or sender and to facilitate subsequent identification and/or measurement of the same.
d. SIGINT: Signals Intelligence is a category of intelligence that includes transmissions associated with communications, radars, and weapons systems used by our adversaries.
e. COMINT: Communications Intelligence is intelligence gained through the interception of foreign communications, excluding open radio and television broadcasts. It is a subset of SIGINT.
f. FISINT: Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence is technical information and intelligence derived from the intercept of foreign electromagnetic emissions associated with the testing and operational deployment of nonUS aerospace, surface and subsurface systems. Foreign instrumentation signals intelligence is a subcategory of signals intelligence. Foreign instrumentation signals include but are not limited to telemetry, beaconry, electronic interrogators, and video data links.
g. ELINT: Electronic Intelligence is technical and geo-location intelligence derived from foreign noncommunications electromagnetic radiation emanating from detonations or radioactive sources.
h. IMINT: Imagery Intelligence is intelligence derived from the exploitation of collection by visual photography, infrared sensors, lasers, electro-optics, and radar sensors such as synthetic aperture radar wherein images of objects are reproduced optically or electronically on film, electronic display devices, or other media.
i. ACINT: Acoustic Intelligence is intelligence derived from the collection and processing of acoustic phenomena.