21 terms

Summer School 2017 Final 1

Stock Market crash
Event which began the Great Depression
In the 1930's, 70% of Americans were considered
Dust Bowl
caused from over farming, drought, and capitalism
Woodrow Wilson
President of the United States during WWI
Charles Lindbergh
He flew across the Atlantic on his own becoming a huge star.
Joe Louis
He was the most famous athlete in the 1930s and the entire country listened on the radio to his most famous match.
Babe Ruth
Most famous athlete in the 1920's (baseball)
19th Amendment
Gave women the right to vote
Period of time that the US outlawed alcohol
fear itself
"The only thing we have to fear is
Name of Hitler's party
strong leader that led Germany out of a depression and into WWII
country 100,000 Americans moved to during the 1920's
Herbert Hoover
President who did nothing to solve the Great Depression
first country that Hitler annexes
What Germany begins making that helped get them out of the Depression
type of transportation out of work people took during the Depression
The Night of Broken Glass
What was the night called when the Germans burned Jewish homes
blond hair and blue eyes
What Germans were supposed to look like
the Jews
Who Hitler said was behind all of Germany's problems
concentration camps
Where Germans sent people they did not like