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Computer Engineering I 101


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Class C Fire Extinguisher
Used to put out fires on energized electrical equipment
Electrostatic Discharge
The unwanted flow of electrical current between two objects of different electrical potentials; may cause damage to electronic equipment
Equipment Ground
When a low-resistance path directs unwanted current directly to the Earth
Floor Cable Guard
A plastic track to place cables under so that the cables are not damaged and to prevent tripping hazards
Occupational Safety and Health Administration, government agency that regulates safety in the workplace
Touching a metal part of the computer chassis to equalize the charges between yourself and the computer to prevent ESD
Anti-Static Storage Bag
Plastic enclosure with a conductive surface on the outside to protect an electrical component from static electricity
Compressed Air
Antistatic canned air that can be used to blow out dust and dirt from computers; best used outdoors
Power Sag
Voltage from the power company tends to drop well below the standard 115V in the U.S.
Power Surge
Voltage from the power company tends to shoot (or spike) far about the standard 115V in the U.S.
Safety Data Sheet
Form containing information about substances found in the workplace and how to handle them safely
Surge Suppressor
A device used to plug electrical equipment into to protect it from power surges
Uninterruptible Power Supply
A battery-backed power supply to plug computer equipment into that gives the user time to save vital information
Taking responsibility for your actions
Abbreviations based on first letter of words or phrases
The ability to work around a customer's sensitive information such as: payroll, medical records, pictures, data, etc. without reading or looking without customer permission
Being able to change plans or ideas when needed
Terminology that is specific to a certain field and may not be easily understood by others not in that field
Open-Ended Question
Technique that allows someone to explain their answer with more than just yes or no responses
Chain of Custody
The line of people or organizations that prohibited content should pass through to protect data and the computer technician finding it
Written evidence of data found in an investigation
Morals applied to various situations
The actual devices and data where prohibited content has been found
First Responder
The person to initially find and report inappropriate content or activity on a computer or network
Someone who can attest to having seen inappropriate content or activity that a first responder has found on a computer or network