21 terms

What is the EU?

Over 500 million
The European Union is an international organisation with a population of:
tariff-free trade
The EU is biggest area in the world for :
all 28 member countries
Decisions made at EU level have direct legal effects in :
political direction
The European Council provides the :
The European Commission oversees the :
The Council and the European Parliament together make the :
The Court of Justice makes the :
all 28 member countries
Laws made by the institutions override national rules, so that EU rules are applied in the same way in :
applied consistently
The Court of Justice of the EU (which is different from the European Court of Human Rights) ensures EU rules are :
The proportion of the EU economy spent by the EU (making up it's budget) is :
€130-€140 billion
The EU budget is around :
The proportion of the EU budget spent on administration is :
The proportion of the EU budget spent on farming is :
common market
The original aim of the EU was to create a :
promote peace
The common market was seen as a way to :
trade agreements
The EU now also negotiates :
single European standards
For products, the EU now also sets :
the environment
The EU now also works to protect :
the consumer
The EU now also tries to help :
suspects and offenders
The European Arrest Warrant simplifies the transfer, between EU countries, of :
unanimously agreed
The powers of the EU are limited to those to which member countries have :