Chapter 3: Nomads, Territorial States, and Microsocieties

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The Epic of Gilgamesh written by the Sumerians.

What industry powered trade from all over Afro-Eurasia?


Who was the most famous Mesopotamian ruler and what are they known for?

Hammurabi created Hammurabi's Code, which was the first known legal code ever established.

Where was Hammurabi's capital?


How did the Code classify people?

Free people, dependents and slaves

What group took over Mesopotamia after the Hittites?

The Kassites

What group of nomads entered the Indus River Valley and what did they bring with them?
The Aryans (Vedic People) brought with them Sanskrit

What were the Aryans known for?
Being deeply religious

Where did the Aryans settle?
Near the Ganges River

What religion did the Aryans develop?

What two elements aided the Shang success?
Written records and new advances in metallurgy

Why didn't the chariot have as much success in China?
China was already intimidating enough to its neighbors. Chariots were not necessary.

Who defeated the Shang by using chariots?
The Zhou

What are the Shang known for creating and what made it so advanced?
A 12 month 360-day lunar calendar. It helped predict lunar and solar eclipses.

What are fiefs?
Grants of land given by kings and lords to subordinates

What type of government was the Shang dynasty?
A theocracy; the ruler gained his authority from the Mandate of Heaven

What is so special about the writing system of the Shang?
They created the character system that was later used in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

What does "Polynesian" mean?
Belonging to many islands

Which group is usually seen in paintings with shirtless women and where are they located?
The Minoans; in modern-day Crete

Why was Cyprus a main focal point of trade?
It straddled the middle sea-lane, and was rich in copper.

Which city is considered the oldest city in Europe, who lived there, and where was it located?
Knossos was home to the Minoans. It was located in modern-day Crete.

Why were the Mycanaeans so intimidating, and what were they known for?
Their height and their wealth

What happened to the Minoan civilization on Crete?
It was invaded by the Mycenaeans

The chief political innovation that marked the formation of the territorial state was
political power reaching out from the city into the distant hinterland.

The Egyptian deity whom the Middle Kingdom rulers elevated to prominence as a king of the gods was

The Hittites established their dominance in Anatolia when they unified
the chariot aristocracies

Merchants in Mesopotamian kingdoms
sought to lower their risk by creating commercial rules and developing early forms of insurance.

Minoan culture mixed imported and indigenous influences. Which of the following represents an indigenous trait?
Worship of a female deity, known as the "Lady."

Mycenaean palace culture was dependent on
scribes, who recorded the goods and services allocated to local people.