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Adjustable Wrench
Turning various size nuts and bolts
Allen Wrench
Turning hex head socket screws (into)
Bent Nose Pliers
Reaching obstruction or awkward places
Box End Wrench
Turning hex head socket screws
Combination Wrench
Turning hex and square nuts and bolts
Cordless Drill
Drilling holes with a tool that uses a battery pack
Deep Socket
Turning nuts and bolts in depressed areas
Extends reach of socket
Glass Cutter
Cutting Glass
Grease Gun
Lubricating through grease fittings
Grove-Joint Pliers
Gripping where greater pressure is needed
Hinge Handle
Socket handle to be used when flexibility needed
Long Nose Pliers
Reaching into recessed areas
Nut Driver
Permanently attached to a handle for turning small nuts and bolts
Obstruction Wrench
Reaching nuts and bolts around obstructions
Open End Wrench
Turning square head nuts and bolts
Phillips Screwdriver
Turning philips head screws
Portable Electric Drill
Drilling holes with an external power supply
Regular Socket
General purpose socket for turning nuts and bolts
Reversible Rachet
Reverse rotation of socket turning
Safety Glasses
Protects eyes from impact of foreign objects
Safety Goggles
Protects eyes from liquids and vapors
Slip Joint Pliers
Adjust for holding various size materials
Slotted Screwdriver
Turning slotted screws
Speed Handle
Rapid turning of socket
Thickness Gauge
Determining gaps
Torque Wrench
Measure amount of torque
Torx Screwdriver
Turning torx-head screws and bolts
Universal Joint
Holding socket for angle turning
Universal Socket
Socket for angle turning
Vise Grip Pliers
For extra firm gripping
Wrecking Bar
Ripping and prying