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Emma's SOL review

Did Colonial VA have banks?


What were some colonial foods?

Whatever Colonists could grow or hunt

Colonial homes

Most were one room houses with dirt floors. Some plantations had two floors.

How did Colonists get clothing?

Clothing was made from cotton, wool, or leather and sewn by women.

How were the Colonists ideas about government different from those of the English parliament?

Parliament believed it had legal authority over the colonies. Colonies believed their assemblies had legal authority. Parliament believed it had the right to tax. Colonists believed they shouldn't be taxed without representation.

Why was the Declaration of Independence an important document?

It was written by Thomas Jefferson and says that the authority to govern the the people belongs to the people, not the king. Also says people are created equal and have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What did England become in the early 1700s?

England became Great Britain

What army did Virginia patriots become a part of?

Continental Army

What was the first land battle of the American Revolution, fought in VA? What was the outcome?

The Battle of Great Bridge. The governed fled Norfolk.

Who rode to Charlottesville, VA to warn Jefferson about the British?

Jack Jouett

Where did the British surrnder?


Did all Virginian's side with the Colonists?

No, some didn't take sides, some sided with England (Loyalists)

How did African Americans feel about the Revolutionary War?

They were divided. Some fought with England because they were promised freedom.

How did American Indians feel about the Revolutionary War?

They were divided. Indians fought for both sides.

Who was James Armistad Lafayette?

A slave and spy who fought for the Colonists and was awarded his freedom after the war.

What part did George Washington play in the Revolutionary War?

He was the commander of the Continental army and provided leadership.

What part did Thomas Jefferson play in the Revolutionary War?

He wrote the Declaration of Independence which gave the reasons the Colonies wanted independence.

What part did Patrick Henry play in the Revolutionary War?

He inspired patriots gainst taxation, "Give me liberty of give me death."

What was the importance of the American victory at Yorktown?

This ended the war with an American victory.

Explain why George Washington in known as the "Father of our Country."

Leader in the American Revolution. Provided leadership. First president.

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