14 terms

AP Music Theory Review Chp 8

Part writing rules
C to G
range of soprano and tenor
G to C
range of alto and bass
The melody most often moves by (step/leap).
bass and soprano move in same direction at different intervals
similar motion
soprano, alto; alto, tenor
The ____ and ____ , as well as the ____ and ____ must be within an octave of each other.
tendency tone
Never double a _____.
omit the fifth of the tonic triad (or sometimes the V7)
When V7 goes to I (in a root position cadence) it is very common to _____ for smooth voice leading.
Ti resolves to Do
If V(v) goes to I(i) or VI (vi), then..
Ti resolves to Do, Fa resolves to Mi
If vii^o/vii^o7 or V7 goes to I (i) or VI (vi), then...
the 7th resolves downwards or holds until it can
If there is a seventh chord of any kind, then...
5ths, 8th
Never write parallel ___ or ____.
the motion from a diminished 5th to a perfect 5th (avoid!)
unequal 5th
leading tone
____ resolves to Do.
1) Ranges
2) Correct chord members
3) Adding accidentals where needed esp in minor
4) Resolutions (4 and 7)
5) No parallel 5th or 8ves
6) Correct spacing, no crossed voices or overlapping voices
7) No doubled tendency tones