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Phylum Lycophyta

Phylum Lycophyta common name
club, spike mosses
Phylum Lycophyta true plant organs
stems, roots, leaves (microphylls and megaphylls)
very small, one vein of vascular tissue, xylem and phloem
normal leaves, large, many veins of vascular tissue
Phylum Lycophyta growth of stem and roots
all display primary growth and some display primary and secondary growth
primary growth
tip of stem and roots at region of apical meristem leads to herbaceous soft tissues that allow for elongation
secondary growth
involve lateral meristems for increased cambium width
Phylum Lycophyta cladistics
Phlyum Lycophyta 3 families
Lycopodiaceae, selaginellaceae, iscetaceae
Family Lycopodiaceae life cycle
homosporous sporic life cycle
Family Lycopodiaceae spore size
Family Lycopodiaceae gamete type
Family Lycopodiaceae growth
primary growth only, herbacious
Family Lycopodiaceae sporophyll
fertile leaf, microphyll (2n)
Family Lycopodiaceae gametophyte stage energy
energy from symbiotic fungus
Family Selaginelliaceae gamete type
Family Selaginelliaceae growth
primary only
Family Iscetaceae common name
smallest trees in the world
Family Iscetaceae era
carbniferious period