win7 chapter11

Run as Admin
The Run As feature has been modified in Windows 7 to now be known as the ____ option
The registry is divided into sections and levels of data. Multiple sections exist to organize data by purpose. The individual sections are called ____
Program Compatibility Assistant
The ____ is designed to make it easy for home users to adjust their legacy applications to work with Windows 7 without having to know a lot about compatibility settings
kernel patching
____ is a system whereby applications modify the core functionality of the Windows operating system to obtain low level access to the operating system and its resources
The ____ hive contains details about the current hardware profile in use
environment subsystems
An application's view of the operating system is restricted to those methods and services exposed by the different ____
The ____ tool allows a user to connect to the active registry database and make changes that are effective immediately
Executive Services
____ are made up of multiple modules, such as the core kernel, object manager, memory manager, and several others
In Windows 7, a new instance of ____ is created for each DOS application that is executed to ensure that the DOS applications do not interfere with each other
UAC-aware applications can include ano ____ file called the application manifest
Requests for system actions that must be performed by the Executive Services are moderated by the environment subsystems
Win32 application
runs in its own virtual memory space and is executed by the processor in user mode
The Executive Services operate in ____ mode
Each Win32 application runs in its own virtual memory space and is executed by the processor in ____ mode
The Windows 7 operating system is designed to operate in a layered approach, where different layers provide targeted functionality
The environment subsystems and the applications run in ____ mode
NET Framework
The ____ provides a layer of abstraction that is useful for developers to perform complex tasks more simply because it manages the details of accessing required services
The owner of the registry keys is usually listed as ____
DOS was designed as a multitasking operating system
The application ____ can identify the application as UAC aware, which disables UAC file and registry virtualization automatically for that application
Environment subsystems
____ support applications and provide indirect access to Executive Services in the Windows 7 operating system kernel
Because the Executive Services are critical to the operation of the computer, applications are allowed to communicate directly with it
Applications designed to interact with the ____ subsystem are the most common type of application in use with earlier operating systems, such as Windows XP
XP mode
Windows 7 Enterprise, Ultimate, and Professional Editions include support for ____, which installs a second virtual operating system that runs at the same time as Windows 7
Registry keys can contain sensitive information that can crash the computer or damage expected functionality if they are improperly configured
The ____ hive contains global settings for the entire computer and the applications installed on it
Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit V5.5
The ____ is a free download from Microsoft, a lifecycle management tool for the applications required by a company, and can help deploy Windows 7 as fast as possible
standard user analyzer
a tool that monitors what happens when an application is run as a user without elevated permissions.
Win 16 applications
originally designed to run with Windows 3.x
provides the structure and security necessary to centrally manage Windows 7 and application configuration and operational parameters
executive services
provides the core operating system functionality that supports executing applications
a unique identifier that no two users share on the computer
typically used to read data from or write data to the registry from inside a scripted batch or command file
user mode
restricts access to memory and hardware
kernel mode
allows services full access to memory and hardware devices