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On dynamic disks, the blocks of space are called ____ instead of partitions


A ____ dynamic volume can only be created with three or more dynamic disks


A basic disk can contain only one primary partition

mount point

Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a specific folder path called a ____


Until a new disk is initialized, its status is reported as ____ and the disk cannot be used to store data


____ disk storage provides a simple means to logically organize disk space

disk management

Dynamic volume and basic disk partitions can be shrunk using the ____ snap-in


A striped volume exists on a minimum of two dynamic disks, up to a maximum of 64 dynamic disks

foreign disk

The Disk Management console will report the status of the disk as a ____ when it recognizes that the disk does not belong to that computer


A striped volume is a ____ solution

disk cleanup

Disk Cleanup is available by selecting the ____ button when viewing the general properties of a drive


Dynamic disk technology supports ____ types of volumes, some of which can use multiple disks and provide fault tolerance


Dynamic volume and basic disk partitions can be deleted using the ____ command-line utility


The ____ partition, if used, takes the place of one of the primary partitions that can be created on the basic disk


A basic disk can have its space organized into one or more defined areas of storage called ____


Dynamic disk storage provides the flexibility to logically organize disk space across one or more disk drives


If there are multiple primary partitions on a single basic disk, the MBR standard allows for only one primary partition on that drive to be marked as active and capable of starting an operating system. This partition is referred to as a ____ partition

drive letter

Each primary partition that is formatted with a file system can be represented in the operating system by a ____


When a computer is first started, its ____ firmware is responsible for initializing the computer

partition table

Most of the partition attributes are stored in a data table that is part of the MBR or GPT specification. This table is commonly called the ____


Partition and volume changes can only be made by a Backup Operator or ____-equivalent user account


A ____ volume exists on just a single dynamic disk


When a new hard disk is added to a computer it is initially configured as a dynamic disk


The boot sector code is typically written when the operating system is first loaded on the computer and the MBR is created


A mirrored volume is also known as a ____ solution

Import Foreign Disk

You must right-click the disk in the graphical portion of Disk Management and select ____ from the pop-up menu to initiate the import process

boot sector

the first part of the Master Boot Record (MBR)

logical partition

can only be created using the free space inside an extended partition

spanned volume

eixists on two or more dynamic disks and is not fault-tolerant

mirrored volume

a type of fault-tolerant dynamic disk

disk management console

an MMC console snap-in that is usually found as part of the Computer Management utility


a "best effort" utility that tries to improve the layout of files within a disk but not perfect it


term used when describing reserved regions of space on a basic disk


used when describing regions of reserved space on a dynamic disk

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