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Political issues

Issues related to government, conflict resolution and decision-making for a group of people.

Economic issues

Issues related to money, taxes, and production of goods and services.

Social issues

Issues related to culture, work, lifestyle...


Having to do with one's own homeland (U.S)


Involving other countries


A historic period identified by some prominent figure or characteristic

13 Colonies

Original east coast areas settled by Great Britain/England beginning in 1607 that became the original 13 states.


People who settle and live in a colony


Gov't process of charging a fee on goods products, people and/or activities.



Consent of the governed

Idea that people give government its power through the "...just consent of the governed" as stated in the Declaration

[Naval] blockade

To cut off supplies; a military and economic tool used to force a nation or area to suffer shortages and to give up fighting; called naval when ships are used

Great Britain (England)

The "mother country" for the 13 colonies; country we fought against for the independence of the United States.


A government that elects its leaders

Representative Democracy

Government that votes for representatives who serve in the government to make and enforce law and in the best interest of the people; the U.S. has a representative democracy; another term used for representative democracy is republic.

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