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  1. chemical weathering - solution
  2. Bedrock channel
  3. glacier trough
  4. cryotic ground
  5. tributary glaciers
  1. a frozen ground
  2. b no sediment accumulation, bed and banks of rocks, upland of drainage, steep slopes and high erosion
  3. c eroded by passage of valley glacier - longitudinal profile is steep, irregular and stepped - u-shaped and typically straight
  4. d mineral dissolves- water and carbonic acids. forms no new weathering products, groundwater dissolves bedrock ions in solution added to water and becomes dissolved load. limestone caves - crystallization of calcite, stalctite and stalagmite formation - dissolution of calcium carbonate is erversible process
  5. e ice carried from smaller, contributing glaciers

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  1. water enters crack and freezes, crack enlarges with repeated freeze and thaw
  2. ice crystal growth and frost wedging. Freezing water to ice crystal grows 9% - mechanical force applied > tensile strength of rock. Frost wedging = push joints/grains apart. - stress of water as it freezes and expands
  3. tributary that no longer meets the main valley at the same level - where now there are waterfalls
  4. <0 for more than 2 years,
  5. formed because lower part of glacier moves slower than higher part but causes more deformation. differential velocities cause surface to crack

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  1. Suspended loadsuspended because of turbulent eddies, very fine (silt, clay) - 90% of sediment load - from slopes, banks and channel bed - depends on discharge and sediment availability


  2. + discharge = + loadunsorted material deposited by glacier (multiple grain sizes)


  3. glaciera mass of ice that forms on land due to a multilayer surplus of snowfall over snowmelt. Effective agents of erosion and deposition.


  4. glacier retreatterminus have been retreating since little ice age


  5. discontinuous permafrostdisconnected patches of frozen land


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