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  1. sediment
  2. regolith
  3. pingo formation
  4. kame
  5. ice wedge
  1. a any stratified ice deposit - sediment deposited on ice surface is lowered onto landscape as it melts - within or between ice blocks (IC), also from delta of outwash stream (SD)
  2. b 1. lake drains and fills with sediment 2. talik beneath lake freezes 3. pressurized water is forced toward surface and freezes 4. frozen water expands, heaving land upward, rupturing surface 5. covered with soil
  3. c material that is eroded and enters the channel and is a) deposited in and around the channel b) eroded following deposition or c) transported downstream
  4. d water enters crack and freezes, crack enlarges with repeated freeze and thaw
  5. e - layer of loose, heterogenous material covering solid rock (produced by 3 types of weathering)

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  1. earthquakes, increased water content, decreases in slope strength due to weathering. Physical, chemical, anthropomorphic and biological
  2. unfrozen ground
  3. disintegration - no chemical reactions, produces smaller particles from larger ones, rock breaks continuously as stress is exerted, preserves the chemical characteristics of rock
  4. translational and rotational
  5. frozen subsurface water - pore ice (soil pores), lenses and veins (channels of ice), segregated ice (layers), intrusive ice (water injected under pressure) and wedged ice (cracks)

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  1. 3 types of erosionentrainment, transport and deposition.


  2. Capacitymax. amount of solid sediment that a river can move at a given discharge


  3. medial morrainematerial in middle of glacier (when two lateral morraines come together)


  4. snowlineglacially deposited sediment piles


  5. recessional morrainematerial in middle of glacier (when two lateral morraines come together)