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  1. entrainment
  2. landscape evolution
  3. What are the climate inputs in glacier?
  4. erosion
  5. Morraines
  1. a upland stream (steep, rapid flow = sediment sources, coarse materials), lowland river (slower flow, high sediment load, sediment accumulation, fine materials)
  2. b changing of sediment from static to transportable
  3. c removal of weathered material from one place to another - transport
  4. d glacially deposited sediment piles
  5. e Temperature and Precipitation

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  1. v shaped before glacial and u shaped after
  2. from snow that doesn't melt in summer. snow plus water = more weight and pressure and snow transforms to ice. Why? pressure decreases air space, increases density and leads to consolidation and re-crystallization of snow into large crystals of snow ice (rough and granular)
  3. max. amount of solid sediment that a river can move at a given discharge
  4. vertical movement of soil and rock
  5. depends on balance between production (weathering) and removal (erosion). Weathering without erosion = soil development. Erosion without weathering = no soil development

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  1. lateral morrainpile up along the sides of glaciers


  2. deposition at river mouthsconstantly erode on cut bank and deposit in point bank. Creates floodplain that is wider than the channel and changes course gradually.


  3. permafrostlong-term solution weathering of limestone bedrock by surface and ground water


  4. snowlineremoval of rocks from outcrop (water along fractures)


  5. Slidesany stratified ice deposit - sediment deposited on ice surface is lowered onto landscape as it melts - within or between ice blocks (IC), also from delta of outwash stream (SD)