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  1. ground morrain
  2. end/terminal morraine
  3. drumlin
  4. glacier
  5. chemical weathering - hydrolysis
  1. a a mass of ice that forms on land due to a multilayer surplus of snowfall over snowmelt. Effective agents of erosion and deposition.
  2. b beneath ice a.k.a. lodgement till
  3. c chemical reaction with water produces new compounds is significant in weathering of silicates
  4. d low oval hill made of deposited till, molded by overriding glacier, upstream side is steep, downstream side is tapered - long axis parallel to direction of ice flow
  5. e at ice front (marks glacier's farthest advance)

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  1. earthquakes, increased water content, decreases in slope strength due to weathering. Physical, chemical, anthropomorphic and biological
  2. rainsplash erosion, sheet erosion, rill & gully erosion
  3. upper part of glacier, net snow accumulation
  4. low = unsaturated sediment dips upslope with no development. high = saturated igneous dips downslope with extensive development
  5. determines break. Sedimentary, joint block separation. Igneous, granular block separation

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  1. Controlling factors of sediment yieldclimate and vegetation, basin size, elevation and relief, rock type, land use and human activity. Small basins have more sediment because of steep slope and mass movements. If basin is large there is less force and more places for deposition


  2. mass movement/wastinghorizontal movement of soil and rock


  3. Erosion in Bedrock channels?Chemical weathering, abrasion, hydraulic action


  4. evidence - erraticboulder-size rock dumped by glacier in a landscape of different composition


  5. bedrock terracesno sediment accumulation, bed and banks of rocks, upland of drainage, steep slopes and high erosion


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