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  1. Grade I have to get
  2. Base level
  3. moulin
  4. physical weathering - unloading
  5. physical weathering - crystallization
  1. a where a supraglacial meltwater stream melts a vertical tunnel through ice
  2. b 85%
  3. c ultimate sea level, in local areas it may be a dam. the theoretical limit for stream erosion
  4. d growth of salt crystal in rock pores. dry climates on coasts, forms caves and niches. Sources of salt are precipitation (seawater) and dust and volcanic acids. Salt expands as water evaporates.
  5. e 1. deeply buried rocks are under high pressure, 2. erosion removes overburden - decreases pressure - physical heaving of rock 3. layers of rock peel off into widely spaced sheets - sheeting structures and exfoliation domes, granular/disintegration (grains loosen and fall out)

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  1. disconnected patches of frozen land
  2. earthquakes, increased water content, decreases in slope strength due to weathering. Physical, chemical, anthropomorphic and biological
  3. 3 or more cirques adjacent to one another (the peak that survived glacier erosion all around)
  4. depends on balance between production (weathering) and removal (erosion). Weathering without erosion = soil development. Erosion without weathering = no soil development
  5. glacially deposited sediment piles

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  1. Gully erosiondeep, V-shaped channels. Develop due to surface and subsurface flow


  2. eskernarrow ridge of coarse sand and gravel formed by subglacial meltwater channel (tunnel) sinuous but parallel to glacier flow, not always continuous


  3. abrasionphysical action of the sediment moving over the bedrock


  4. hydraulic actionsolifluction over permafrost


  5. Alluvial channelno sediment accumulation, bed and banks of rocks, upland of drainage, steep slopes and high erosion