17 terms

Geographic terms (TAKS Objective 2)

Geographic context
Ways that geography influences a historical or current event.
cultural diffusion
Spread of ideas, technology, religion, language and other cultural practices over time and across space.
Physical features
Geographic features found in nature such as mountains, lakes...
Human features
Features of a place made by humans such as roads, canals, buildings...
All things that surround us
Migration patterns
Routes of movement for animals or people across or within a given area.
Immigration patterns
Routes of human movement from one area/country into another.
Large area that has common features that set it apart from other areas.
Patterns of settlement
Describing similarities in the places and ways people move into and stay in a given area.
Geographic factors
The human and physical characteristics of a place.
Individual feature of the land such as mountain, hill, valley, or prairie...
Individual water features such as ocean, gulf, lake, bayou and so on.
Adaptations to the environment
Ways people learn to use and live with their environment. Adaptations might include wearing cooler clothing in hot weather or building adobe houses in a dry climate.
Modifications to the environment
Changes made by people to their surroundings to improve lifestyle.
Relating to the city, of or in a city.
Relating to the countryside, of or in the countryside.
Smaller community located in the area surrounding a city.