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to make something, especially a feeling, less strong (not abate, assuage)
a strong feeling of not liking someone or something, hatred
the feeling of being grateful and wanting to express your thanks
a large cup for holding wine, especially one from which wine is drunk in the Christian
1. existing or happening in some places and not others
2. not complete; good in some parts, but not in others
showing determination; not giving up easily, tenacious
able to use language and express your opinions well, especially when you are speaking in public
full of trivial conversation
1. a system of fixed rules and formal behavior used at official meetings, usually between governments
2. (technology) a plan for performing a scientific experiment or medical treatment
1. to be an example of a quality or characteristic, or to have a lot of it, typify
2. to show or think of an object, quality, etc. as a person
plump for (someone/something)
to choose someone or something from a number of people or things, especially after thinking carefully (pv)
having no interesting or unusual features or qualities, dull
(of a person's movements) skillful and quick
characterized by an appreciation of beauty or good taste
a loud bombastic declaration expressed with strong emotion
to control or limit something, especially something bad
thinking sadly about something that you would like to have, especially something in the past that you can no longer have
needing great effort; causing trouble or worry, taxing
material made with rubber, that can stretch and then return to its original size
a written statement of the principles and aims of an organization, constitution
that is easily noticed by the mind or the senses
break with precedent
전례를 깨다, pv
have a go
(~을) 한번 해 보다[시도하다], pv
set out one's stall
실력[능력]을 나타내다, pv
to give official approval to a law, plan, decision, etc., especially without considering it carefully
1. when a volcano erupts or burning rocks, smoke, etc. erupt or are erupted, the burning rocks, etc. are thrown out from the volcano
2. to start happening, suddenly and violently
3. to suddenly express your feelings very strongly, especially by shouting loudly
1. the limited number or amount of people or things that is officially allowed
2. an amount of something that someone expects or needs to have or achieve
3. (politics) a fixed number of votes that a candidate needs in order to be elected
1. (of people) without understanding
2. (of places) without the benefits of modern life
to establish something very firmly so that it is very difficult to change
1. (formal) to write something
2. to shut an animal or a person in a small space
not having the skill or ability to do your job or a task as it should be done
1. the troubles and problems that someone has
2. great unhappiness
1. (of something bad) existing or spreading everywhere in a way that cannot be controlled
2. (of plants) growing thickly and very fast in a way that cannot be controlled
1. that shows a lack of care, thought, or effort
2. (of clothes) loose and without much shape
3. (informal) romantic in a silly or embarrassing way
4. containing too much liquid
1. a piece cut from a living plant and fixed in a cut made in another plant, so that it grows there; the process or result of doing this
2. a piece of skin, bone, etc. removed from a living body and placed in another part of the body that has been damaged; the process or result of doing this
3. the use of illegal or unfair methods, especially bribery, to gain advantage in business, politics, etc.; money obtained in this way
a condition in which soft tissue in the body becomes hard, in a way that is not normal
(of an action) useful or necessary for a particular purpose, but not always fair or right
to officially state that someone is not responsible for something that they have been blamed for, acquit
to decide not to have or do something that you would like to have or do
1. (of something bad) very easily seen
2. (of a light) very bright and unpleasant
3. angry; aggressive
1. (of a dog, wolf, etc.) to make a long loud cry
2. to make a loud cry when you are in pain, angry, amused, etc.
3. (of the wind) to blow hard and make a long loud noise
4. to say something loudly and angrily
expressing your opinions or feelings in a loud and confident way, strident
1. to make a liquid weaker by adding water or another liquid to it
2. to make something weaker or less effective
a period of time that you spend working somewhere or doing a particular activity
1. liking to meet other people, enjoying their company, and being friendly toward them
2. leaving the position of responsibility mentioned
3. going away from a particular place rather than arriving in it
let alone
used after a statement to emphasize that because the first thing is not true or possible, the next thing cannot be true or possible either, ~은 고사하고
not directly connected with the particular situation you are in or the subject you are dealing withx
not influenced by personal feelings, or by the chance of getting some advantage for yourself
feelings of worry and unhappiness about something
1. to succeed in getting something, usually after a lot of effort
2. (formal) to reach a particular age, level, or condition
to think deeply about something, ponder
used too often and therefore boring, cliche
(of a remark, an opinion, etc.) dull and boring because it has been expressed so many times before; not original
not friendly or interested in other people, distant, remote
1. (of a person or an animal) not easily excited or irritated
2. calm and peaceful, with very little movement
unable to stay still, or unwilling to be controlled, especially because you feel bored or not satisfied
1. (of horses) easily excited or frightened and therefore difficult to control
2. (of people) not very serious and with ideas and feelings that keep changing
shore up
1. to support part of a building or other large structure by placing large pieces of wood or metal against or under it so that it does not fall down
2. to help to support something that is weak or going to fail
(formal) to limit someone's or something's freedom, rights, power, etc.
enough in quantity, or good enough in quality, for a particular purpose or need
1. a person who has an important job as a manager of a company or an organization
2. a group of people who run a company or an organization
3. [singular] the part of a government responsible for putting laws into effect
receiving or involving very little attention
happening by chance, especially a lucky chance that brings a good result
(of behavior) embarrassing or not socially acceptable
(of behavior, etc.) not polite or suitable for a particular situation
a person who commits a crime or does something that is wrong or evil
1. a person's connection with a political party, religion, etc.
2. one group or organization's official connection with another
anger, wrath
an imaginary place or state in which everything is extremely bad or unpleasant
permission that is given to a prisoner to leave prison before the end of their sentence on condition that they behave well
the crime of killing someone deliberately
to be in charge of something and make sure that everything is working, being done, etc. as it should be, supervise
hold (somebody) accountable for (something)
~에게 ~의 책임을 묻다, 지우다. ex)I hold him accountable for it
take issue with (somebody)
to start disagreeing or arguing with someone about something
clamp down (on somebody/something)
to take strict action in order to prevent something, especially crime
an event or a piece of news which is unexpected and usually unpleasant
to make people more willing to consider new and different policies, ideas, etc.; to make people more radical in their political opinions
grave (adj.)
1. (of situations, feelings, etc.) very serious and important; giving you a reason to feel worried
2. (of people) serious in manner, as if something sad, important, or worrying has just happened
an act of persuading someone to do something
a person who is blamed for something bad that someone else has done or for some failure, fall guy
1. in a way that involves the use of physical force
2. in a way that makes something very clear
1. to send or bring someone back to their own country
2. (business) to send money or profits back to your own country
a person or an organization that makes a gift of money, clothes, food, etc. to a charity, etc.
1. the crime of demanding money from a person by threatening to tell someone else a secret about them
2. the act of putting pressure on a person or a group to do something they do not want to do, for example by making threats or by making them feel guilty
give in (to somebody/something)
1. to admit that you have been defeated by someone or something
2. to agree to do something that you do not want to do
to stop something that is flowing from spreading or increasing
the death of a person
to draw lines, shapes, etc., especially when you are bored or thinking about something else
a dead body, especially of a human
in lieu of
instead of (pv)
1. a medical examination of the body of a dead person in order to find out how they died
2. a discussion or an examination of an event after it has happened, especially in order to find out why it failed
a person or thing that comes before someone or something similar and that leads to or influences its development, forerunner
of sorts
(informal) used when you are saying that something is not a good example of a particular type of thing, pv
1. to cut lines into a piece of glass, metal, etc. in order to make words or a picture
2. if a feeling is etched on someone's face, or someone's face is etched with a feeling, that feeling can be seen very clearly
1. language that produces pictures in the minds of people reading or listening, metaphor
2. (formal) pictures, photographs, etc.
1. (technology) connected with cows
2. (disapproving) (of a person) stupid and slow
a substance that you put on a wound or sore skin to help it heal or to protect it
1. (in compounds) a store that provides particular goods or services
2. (old-fashioned) a room in a private house for sitting in, entertaining visitors, etc.
(adj.) coming from or connected with God or a god
(v) (formal) to find out something by guessing
1. the act of finding someone a suitable job or place to live
2. the act of placing something somewhere
bill (v)
1. to send someone a bill for something
2. to advertise or describe someone or something in a particular way
3. to advertise that someone or something will do something
to put something or someone in danger, endanger
roll back
1. to turn or force something back or further away
2. to reduce prices, etc. (pv)
to officially state that a law, contract, decision, etc. is no longer valid
a difficulty or problem that delays or prevents something, or makes a situation worse
the system of voting in writing and usually in secret; an occasion on which a vote is held
(informal) heavy and awkward
to become gradually less or smaller
down to the wire
최후까지, 끝까지
(adj.) made after you have promised to tell the truth, especially in court
a person who helps another person, especially a politician, in their job
1. the tools or other pieces of equipment that are needed for a particular activity or task
2. the structure of a system or an organization, particularly that of a political party or a government
3. (technology) a system of organs in the body
1. (technology) to move soldiers or weapons into a position where they are ready for military action
2. (formal) to use something effectively
1. to move quickly, especially with difficulty, using your hands to help you
2. to move or do something quickly because you are in a hurry
3. to push, fight, or compete with others in order to get or to reach something
1. the opposite of something
2. a contrast between two things
false, although seeming to be genuine
to take someone away illegally, especially using force, kidnap
the highest point or end of something, usually happening after a long time
(astronomy) the point in the orbit of the moon, a planet, or other object in space when it is nearest the planet, for example the earth, around which it turns
used to emphasize that people or things are completely different
1. the highest point that the sun or moon reaches in the sky, directly above you
2. (formal) the time when something is strongest and most successful
the worst moment of a particular situation
1. (often disapproving) to make something seem better or more important than it really is
2. (formal) to praise and worship God
[usually before noun](old-fashioned) living a moral life based on religious principles
concerning or related to someone or something
to officially take something away from someone, especially as a punishment
1. a supply of bullets, etc. to be fired from guns
2. information that can be used against another person in an argument
reel off
to say or repeat something quickly without having to stop or think about it
out of sorts
sick or upset
sudden noisy confusion or excitement
to make a hole or holes through something
1. to make a liquid pure by heating it until it becomes a gas, then cooling it and collecting the drops of liquid that form
2. to make something such as a strong alcoholic drink in this way
3. (formal) to get the essential meaning or ideas from thoughts, information, experiences, etc.
stiff material like very thick paper, often used for making boxes
unwilling to obey rules or follow instructions; difficult to control
to provide information or evidence to prove that something is true
rude or unfriendly
1. (approving) original and showing the ability to think about or plan the future with great imagination and intelligence
2. relating to dreams or strange experiences, especially of a religious kind
unable to relax or express your feelings in a natural way
a person whose job is to examine and record the details of a piece of land
a very strict person who demands that other people obey orders or rules completely
1. a picture or pattern that is made by weaving colored wool onto heavy cloth; the art of doing this
2. a complex combination of events, people, or things
1. containing people of different types or from different countries, and influenced by their culture
2. having or showing a wide experience with people and things from many different countries
1. to make someone or something seem impressive
2. to make something appear important when it is not really
knowing, using, or written in more than one language, multilingual
connected with or belonging to a town, city, or district that has its own local government
(formal) showing or suggesting something
1. complete and total
2. open and direct
(v1) to cut someone or something with rough, heavy blows
(v2) (informal) to be able/not able to manage in a particular situation
(n1) (disapproving) a writer, especially of newspaper articles, who does a lot of low quality work and does not get paid much
(n2) (disapproving) a person who does the hard and often boring work for an organization, especially a politician
a person who is lazy and does not work, loafer
a person who gives money or other help to a person or an organization such as a school or charity, starts with "B"
to hide your real feelings or intentions, often by pretending to have different ones
(usually in negative sentences) a very small amount, jot
1. to make something more beautiful by adding decorations to it, decorate
2. to make a story more interesting by adding details that are not always true, embroider
to pretend that you have a particular feeling or that you are sick, tired, etc.
1. a short period of great activity; a short period during which there is a lot of a particular thing, usually something unpleasant
2. an attack or period of illness
1. (of people or their behavior) different, confident, and exciting in a way that attracts attention
2. brightly colored and noticeable
to avoid giving a direct answer to a question in order to hide the truth
trot out
to give the same excuses, facts, explanations, etc. for something that have often been used before
a large, impressive building
to treat someone or something as ridiculous and not worth considering seriously, mock
not aware of something
the use of intelligent or dishonest tricks to cheat someone, cunning
1. of very high quality and causing great admiration
2. (formal) (often disapproving) (of a person's behavior or attitudes) extreme, especially in a way that shows they are not aware of what they are doing or are not concerned about what happens because of it
1. (formal) to cause someone or something to be in a particular state or condition
2. (formal) to give someone something, especially in return for something, or because it is expected
3. (formal) to present something, especially when it is done officially
4. (formal) to express or perform something
an idea or opinion that is formed before you have enough information or experience, assumption
(of an argument or a theory) using an idea or a statement to prove something that is then used to prove the idea or statement at the beginning
teem with
to be full of people, animals, etc. moving around
bump up against
to experience a problem or factor that you did not expect
1. to deal successfully with a difficulty, overcome
2. to be placed on top of something
1. a copy of a book, piece of music, etc. before it has been printed
2. a very old book or document that was written by hand before printing was invented
1. [uncountable] the quality of being suitable or likely to be successful
2. [uncountable] the quality of being sensible and realistic
3. [plural] the real facts and circumstances rather than ideas or theories
to come together to form one larger group, substance, etc., amalgamate
1. the feeling of being sorry for someone; showing that you understand and care about someone's problems
2. the act of showing support for or approval of an idea, a cause, an organization, etc.
3. friendship and understanding between people who have similar opinions or interests
to bring or combine together or with something else
the impressive and attractive quality that something has
1. (of a voice, an instrument, etc.) to make a deep, clear sound that continues for a long time
2. (of a place) to be filled with sound; to make a sound continue longer, resound
3. to remind someone of something; to be similar to what someone thinks or believes
not least
1. (in Christianity) the state of being saved from the power of evil
2. a way of protecting someone from danger, disaster, loss, etc.
1. (music) a combination of musical notes that do not sound pleasant together, opposite to consonance
2. (formal) lack of agreement
to criticize or blame someone because they have done something wrong, rebuke
a right or advantage belonging to a particular person or group because of their importance or social position
a strong feeling of disgust or horror, repugnance
capable of being shaped or bent
joyously unrestrained
wrangle (n, v)
(n) argument that is complicated and continues over a long period of time
1. (also prise) to use force to separate something from something else
2. to try to find out information about other people's private lives in a way that is annoying or rude
the act of taking part with another person in a crime, collusion
an angry statement that someone makes accusing someone else of something, especially in response to a similar statement from them
1. (of a law, rule, regulation, etc.) very strict and that must be obeyed
2. (of financial conditions) difficult and very strictly controlled because there is not much money
1. not previously mentioned; happening without any warning
2. not recognized or publicly praised as good or important
1. the position of your feet when they are safely on the ground or some other surface
2. the basis on which something is established or organized
3. the position or status of someone or something in relation to others; the relationship between two or more people or groups, for example, on an equal footing
people with a lot of knowledge about a particular subject
very famous and much admired, especially because of what you have achieved
a lack of food during a long period of time in a region
steadiness of mind under stress
without moral principles; not honest or fair, unprincipled
connected with money, especially all the money in a country

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