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a person who opposes or expresses doubts about something
1. to admit that something is true, logical, etc.
2. to give something away, especially unwillingly; to allow someone to have something
3. to admit that you have lost a game, an election, etc.
1. shy or pretending to be shy and innocent, especially about love or sex, and sometimes in order to make people more interested in you
2. not willing to give information about something, or answer questions that tell people too much about you, reticent
polite, especially in a way that shows respect
1. moral and social behavior that is considered to be correct and acceptable
2. [plural] the rules of correct behavior
1. [uncountable] polite behavior
2. [plural] remarks that are said only in order to be polite
not lucky; unfortunate
(formal)(disapproving) a person who praises important or powerful people too much and in a way that is not sincere, especially in order to get something from them
a person who tries to make someone or something seem less good or valuable by criticizing it
to make someone or the things that someone does seem unimportant
1. (of a person) pleasant to spend time with because their interests and character are similar to your own
2. (of a place, job, etc.) pleasant because it suits your character
3. (formal) suitable for something
1. an animal or a bird, or a model of one, that attracts other animals or birds, especially so that they can be shot by people who are hunting them
2. a thing or a person that is used to trick someone into doing what you want them to do; going where you want them to go, etc.
1. a belief or an opinion that is against the principles of a particular religion; the fact of holding such beliefs
2. belief or an opinion that disagrees strongly with what most people believe
seeming or stated to be real or true, when this is perhaps not the case, apparent
a small group of people who belong to a particular religion but who have some beliefs or practices that separate them from the rest of the group
1. designed to cause fires
2. (formal) causing strong feelings or violence
1. (of water, oil, etc.) moved through pipes, etc. under pressure
2. of a piece of machinery) operated by liquid moving under pressure
1. conversations in a book, play, or movie
2. a formal discussion between two groups or countries, especially when they are trying to solve a problem, end a disagreement, etc.
to take away someone's rights, especially their right to vote
go astray
1. to become lost; to be stolen
2. to go in the wrong direction or to have the wrong result
hot button
a subject or issue that people have strong feelings about and argue about a lot
not feeling sympathy or emotions, especially in a situation where it would be normal to do so
down in the dumps
(informal) feeling unhappy
on a roll
(도박에서) 계속 이겨, 승운을 타서; 순조롭게
bad luck; someone or something that is thought to bring bad luck in a mysterious way
a figment of somebody's imagination
something that someone has imagined and that does not really exist
generous and giving willingly
1. a person who lives, and can vote in a constituency
2. one of the parts of something that combine to form the whole
extremely unwilling to spend money
saying or doing things that are likely to annoy or to upset other people
a warning to someone about their behavior
1. to tell someone firmly that you do not approve of something that they have done, reprove
2. to strongly advise someone to do something
having the same bad effect as something else
that cannot be changed; that will never change, unchangeable
lazy and having no ambition to succeed in life
plastic (adj)
2. (of a material or substance) easily formed into different shapes, malleable
3. (disapproving) that seems artificial; not real or sincere
1. to take part in a sport, an activity, etc., but not very seriously
2. to move your hands, feet, etc. around in water
a person, an organization, or a system that is new and without experience
consummate (adj.)
extremely skilled; perfect
a powerful illegal drug that affects the mind in a harmful way. heroin and cocaine are narcotics
a wild or garden plant, with a large delicate flower that is usually red, and small black seeds. opium is obtained from one type of ~~~, 양귀피
a long thin case filled with seeds that develops from the flowers of some plants, especially peas and beans
(n) a long narrow cut or opening
(v) to make a long narrow cut or opening in something
(n) the liquid in a plant or tree that carries food to all its parts
(v) to make something or someone weaker; to destroy something gradually
(especially of liquids) to flow slowly and in small quantities through something or into something, trickle
a white carbohydrate food substance found in potatoes, flour, rice, etc.; food containing this
1. to breathe air in through your nose in a way that makes a sound, especially when you are crying, have a cold, etc.
2. to breathe air in through the nose in order to discover or enjoy the smell of something
1. to make a loud sound by breathing air out noisily through your nose, especially to show that you are angry or amused
2. to take drugs by breathing them in through the nose
to take food, drugs, etc. into your body, usually by swallowing
1. the furthest point, end or limit of something
2. the degree to which a situation, a feeling, an action, etc. is extreme, difficult, or unusual
3. [plural] (formal) the parts of your body that are furthest from the center, especially your hands and feet
1. not sleeping; unable to sleep
2. (of a period at night) spent with little or no sleep
1. tired and almost asleep
2. making you feel relaxed and tired
the feeling that you have when you want to vomit, for example because you are sick or are disgusted by something
1. the deliberate ending of a pregnancy at an early stage
2. a medical operation to end a pregnancy so that the baby is not born alive
a condition in which a part of the body becomes red, sore, and swollen because of infection or injury
1. a piece of wood, metal, etc. used to support something or keep it in position
2. a person or thing that gives help or support to someone or something that is weak
ahead of/behind time
earlier/later than was expected
to attack someone violently in order to steal their money, especially in a public place
a thing, person, or situation that is annoying or causes trouble or problems
covered with a lot of decoration, especially when this involves very small or complicated designs
extremely painful or bad
take with
...에게 인기가 있다, 평판이 좋다, Chocolates take with little kids.
1. harmful to something; not helping something
2. unfriendly
1. the highest or most perfect development or example of something
2. best time in someone's life or career
3. a formal statement that a person has become a god
one of the many changes and problems in a situation or in your life, that you have to deal with
1. (formal) very great or obvious
2. (literary) unusual; strange, eccentric
2. to make your ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc. known to other people so that they understand them
(old-fashioned) a boxer
the most respected or most experienced woman member of a group or profession
1. to look closely at something or someone, especially to check that everything is as it should be
2. to officially visit a school, factory, etc. in order to check that rules are being obeyed and that standards are acceptable
1. to appear as a large shape that is not clear, especially in a frightening or threatening way
2. to appear important or threatening and likely to happen soon
1. to criticize someone after a decision has been made; to criticize something after it has happened
2. to guess what someone will do before they do it
1. willing to agree with other people or to obey rules
2. (disapproving) too willing to agree with other people or to obey rules
3. a soft green, gray, or black substance like fur that grows on old food or on objects that are left in warm wet air
1. a container that you pour a liquid or soft substance into, which then becomes solid in the same shape as the container, for example when it is cooled or cooked
an arrangement of flowers and leaves, especially in the shape of a circle, placed on graves, etc. as a sign of respect for someone who has died
1. a short fight between small groups of soldiers, etc., especially one that is not planned
2. a short argument, especially between political opponents
1. to make a formal statement about something to a public organization or authority
2. to become fixed or stuck somewhere; to make something become fixed or stuck somewhere
3. to leave money or something valuable in a safe place
4. to provide someone with a place to sleep or live
cause to be more favorably inclined
1. to get well again after being sick, hurt, etc.
2. to get back the same amount of money that you spent or that is owed to you
3. to get back or find something that was lost, stolen, or missing
(of a vehicle, a ship, etc.) to drive into or hit another vehicle, ship, etc. with force, sometimes deliberately
stand up to
1. (someone) to resist someone; to not accept bad treatment from someone without complaining
2. (of materials, products, etc.) to remain in good condition despite rough treatment
to get something back or to ask to have it back after it has been lost, taken away, etc.
the official process of settling an argument or a disagreement by someone who is not involved
1. a person who claims something because they believe they have a right to it
2. a person who is receiving money from the state because they are unemployed, etc.
1. complete power to govern a country
2. the state of being a country with freedom to govern itself
to pull a car or boat behind another vehicle, using a rope or chain
selecting what seems best from a variety of styles or ideas
1. a town or city with a harbor, especially one where ships load and unload goods
2. a place where ships load and unload goods or shelter from storms
1. to get on a ship, train, plane, bus, etc.
2. when a plane or ship is boarding, it is ready for passengers to get on
3. to live and take meals in someone's home, in return for payment
1. the legal right or duty to take care of or keep someone or something; the act of taking care of something or someone
2. the state of being in prison, especially while waiting for trial
connected with ships, sailors, and sailing
1. to force someone to do something; to make something necessary
2. (not used in the progressive tenses) to cause a particular reaction
1. (economics) a product or a raw material that can be bought and sold
2. a thing that is useful or has a useful quality
to obey a rule, an order, etc.
1. pressure on someone or something because they have too much to do or manage, or something very difficult to deal with; the problems, worry, or anxiety that this produces
2. the pressure that is put on something when a physical force stretches, pushes, or pulls it
3. an injury to a part of your body, such as a muscle, that is caused by using it too much or by twisting it
a publication containing a variety of works
1. to run with quick, short steps
2. to deliberately cause something to fail
3. to sink a ship deliberately by making holes in the side or bottom of it
an occasion when all the people of a country or state can vote on an important issue
1. to put tasks, problems, etc. in order of importance, so that you can deal with the most important first
2. (formal) to treat something as being more important than other things
1. (especially of a vehicle) to change direction suddenly
2. (of a conversation or way of behaving or thinking) to change in the way it develops
an event, action, or thing that is a sign that something exists or is happening; the act of appearing as a sign that something exists or is happening
(n) money that someone agrees to pay if a person accused of a crime does not appear at their trial. When bail has been arranged, the accused person is allowed to go free until the trial
(v) to release someone on bail
(v1) (of fish, frogs, etc.) to lay eggs
(v2) (often disapproving) to cause something to develop or be produced
(n) a soft substance containing the eggs of fish, frogs, etc.
a hidden meaning or reason for doing something
affecting your mind even though you are not aware of it
a newspaper with small pages (usually half the size of those in larger papers) with short articles and a lot of pictures and stories about famous people, often thought of as less serious than other newspapers
1. a large group of insects, especially bees, moving together in the same direction
2. a large group of people, especially when they are all moving quickly in the same direction, horde
to cut down a tree, or cut some large branches off it
(of a loss, injury, etc.) too bad or too serious to repair or put right
chop off
to remove something by cutting it with a sharp tool
1. an end to a disagreement and the start of a good relationship again
2. the process of making it possible for two different ideas, facts, etc. to exist together without being opposed to each other
showing deliberate determination to behave in a way that most people think is wrong, unacceptable, or unreasonable
rest on something
to be based on something
pardon (v)
1. to officially allow someone who has been found guilty of a crime to leave prison and/or avoid punishment
2. to forgive someone for something they have said or done (used in many expressions when you want to be polite)
to want something very much especially if it does not seem likely to happen soon, yearn
that cannot be understood or explained
(old-fashioned) to go to where someone or something is and bring them/it back
to spread a substance such as paint, mud, etc., thickly and/or carelessly onto something
for good
permanently, ans = for good
1. the state of having a close personal relationship with someone
2. a thing that a person says or does to someone that they know very well
(v) to supply or provide something with too much of something
(n) a situation in which there is more of something than is needed or can be used
fancy (v)
1. (informal) used to show that you are surprised or shocked by something
2. (literary) to believe or imagine something
call somebody to account (for/over something)
to make someone explain a mistake, etc. because they are responsible for it
to make someone believe something that is not true
deprive somebody/something of something
to prevent someone from having or doing something, especially something important
a well-known phrase expressing a general truth about people or the world, saying
(n1) blame or criticism for something you have done
(n2) a word or remark expressing blame or criticism
(v1) to blame or criticize someone for something that they have done or not done, because you are disappointed in them
(v2) to feel guilty about something that you think you should have done in a different way
offer something/somebody (up) (to somebody)
(formal) to give something to God
1. to be or become weak or unsteady
2. to hesitate and be unable to make a decision or choice
trifle with
(used especially in negative sentences) to treat someone or something without genuine respect
1. an arrangement to meet someone at a particular time and place
2. a place where people have arranged to meet
on the spur of the moment
suddenly, without planning in advance
not thinking about or planning for the future; spending money in a careless way
1. careful about paying attention to every detail, meticulous
2. careful to be honest and do what is right
strongly or by a large number of people
1. to say in a will that you want someone to have your property, money, etc. after you die
2. to leave the results of your work, knowledge, etc. for other people to use or deal with, especially after you have died
to state clearly and firmly that something must be done, or how it must be done
1. to go or be somewhere where you are not wanted or are not supposed to be
2. to disturb something or have an unpleasant effect on it
(formal) very unpleasant; causing strong dislike, repulsive
until now; until the particular time you are talking about
to produce or show something
evidence that proves that a person was in another place at the time of a crime and so could not have committed it
funny or amusing, especially because of being strange or unexpected
to sleep lightly for a short time, 졸다
doze off
to go to sleep, especially during the day, 깜빡졸다
1. (formal) to wake someone up, especially when they are sleeping deeply
2. to make someone want to start doing something when they were not active or interested in doing it
3. (formal) to make someone feel a particular emotion
4. to make someone angry, excited, or full of emotion
to look at something with your eyes partly shut in order to keep out bright light or to see better
1. to throw someone or something somewhere with force, especially because you are angry
2. to move yourself or part of your body suddenly and with a lot of force
3. to say something to someone in an aggressive way
simple and natural; without cunning or deceit
1. a small paper container in which goods are packed for selling
2. a set of documents that are supplied together for a particular purpose
to move things around carelessly while searching for something
1. to secretly plan with other people to do something illegal or harmful
2. (of events) to seem to work together to make something bad happen
the custom of having more than one wife at the same time
not in the least
not at all, ans= not in the least
to state publicly that you have no knowledge of something or that you are not responsible for something or someone
1. to talk quickly and continuously, especially about things that are not important
2. (of teeth) to knock together continuously because you are cold or frightened
pounce on
to quickly notice something that someone has said or done, especially in order to criticize it
put up something
to show a particular level of skill, determination, etc. in a fight or contest
1. dirty and smelling bad
2. very unpleasant; very bad
3. (of language) including rude words and swearing
to suggest or accept that something is true so that it can be used as the basis for a theory, etc.
1. to make a long, loud, high cry because you are sad or in pain
2. to cry or complain about something in a loud high voice
a long vehicle used for carrying the coffin (= the box for the dead body) at a funeral
to shock someone very much
(formal) if a period of time elapses, it passes
way out
a way of escaping from a difficult situation
careful in what you say or do, in order to keep something secret or to avoid causing embarrassment or difficulty for someone, tactful
to give someone information that is supposed to be secret
peaceful and beautiful; perfect, without problems
1. the physical activity of sex between two people
2. (old-fashioned) communication between people, countries, etc.
1. to say or do something without delay
2. (formal) to make something happen sooner or more quickly
3. (literary) to go or move somewhere quickly
on all fours
(of a person) bent over with hands and knees on the ground
a person, usually a man, who leads an immoral life and is interested in pleasure, especially sexual pleasure
get back at
to do something bad to someone who has done something bad to you; to get revenge on someone
in a bind
in a difficult situation that you do not know how to get out of
move or draw apart
not willing to do something
happening without anyone being told or warned in advance
a doctor, especially one who is a specialist in general medicine and not surgery
strike up something (with somebody)
to begin a friendship, a relationship, a conversation, etc.
take away possessions from someone
1. a state in which someone seems to be asleep but is aware of what is said to them, for example if they are hypnotized
2. a state in which you are thinking so much about something that you do not notice what is happening around you
behaving in a calm and relaxed way; giving the impression that you are not feeling any anxiety, casual
to have difficulty speaking because you cannot stop yourself from repeating the first sound of some words several times
1. a person who has done something wrong or against the law
2. a person or thing responsible for causing a problem
1. if differences or disagreements are irreconcilable, they are so great that it is not possible to settle them
2. if an idea or opinion is irreconcilable with another, it is impossible for someone to have both of them together
a large heavy hammer with a long handle
buck up
1. (often in orders) to become more cheerful
2. to make someone more cheerful
to carry or drag something heavy with a lot of effort
the likes of somebody/something
(informal) used to refer to someone or something that is considered as a type, especially one that is considered as good as someone or something else
too confident, in a way that shows a lack of respect for other people
excuse (v)
1. to forgive someone for something that they have done, for example not being polite or making a small mistake
2. to make your or someone else's behavior seem less offensive by finding reasons for it
causing hatred, especially for moral reasons
too closely linked to be separated
the branch of philosophy that deals with the nature of existence, truth, and knowledge
gauge (v)
1. to make a judgment about something, especially people's feelings or attitudes
2. to measure something accurately using a special instrument
(n) sleep; a time when someone is asleep
(v) to sleep
extremely skilled; perfect
out of hand
1. difficult or impossible to control
2. if you reject, etc. something out of hand, you do so immediately without thinking about it fully or listening to other people's arguments
1. the act of discussing something with someone or with a group of people before making a decision about it
2. a formal meeting to discuss something
1. to make a long, deep sound or series of sounds
2. to move slowly and heavily, making a rumbling sound
thunderous verbal attack
1. strange and frightening; different from what you are used to
2. (often disapproving) from another country or society; foreign
(v1) (of darkness, clouds, cloth, etc.) to cover or hide something
(v2) to hide information or keep it secret and mysterious
to look at something quickly and secretly because you should not be looking at it
1. the tube along which food passes after it has been through the stomach, especially the end where waste is collected before it is passed out of the body (medical)
2. (the bowels of something) (literary) the part that is deepest inside something
a feeling of great happiness because of a success
to praise someone or something very much
to cheat someone in order to get something, especially money, from them
1. (of eyes) looking down
2. (of a person or an expression) sad or depressed, dejected
spell (n)
a short period of time during which something lasts
(especially in particular religions) an act that you give yourself to do, or that a priest gives you to do, in order to show that you are sorry for something you have done wrong
a lucky or unusual thing that happens by accident, not because of planning or skill
make out (with somebody)
(informal) to kiss and touch someone in a sexual way
something that is very helpful and makes life easier for you
start over
to begin again
one of the people living in an institution such as a prison or a mental hospital
1. (of the police, courts of law, etc.) to take something away from someone, so that they cannot use it, confiscate
2. to shut up dogs, cats, etc. found on the streets in a pound, until their owners collect them
bust (v)
1. to break something
2. (of the police) to suddenly enter a place and search it, or arrest someone
3. to make someone lower in military rank as a punishment
jerk somebody around
to make things difficult for someone, especially by not being honest with them
pick on somebody/something
1. to treat someone unfairly, by blaming, criticizing, or punishing them
2. to choose someone or something
1. to become involved in a situation in order to improve or help it
2. to interrupt someone when they are speaking in order to say something
3. to happen in a way that delays something or prevents it from happening
1. if something soft squishes or is squished, it is crushed out of shape when it is pressed
2. to make a soft, wet, sucking sound
(medical) a mental illness in which a person suffers strong feelings of fear and worry
harp on (about something) | harp on something
to keep talking about something in a boring or annoying way
to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know something that other people do not know, etc.
(informal) unpleasant (used especially about something that is wet and sticky)
1. (disapproving) to keep complaining to someone about their behavior or keep asking them to do something
2. to worry or irritate you continuously
ring (v)
4. [intransitive] ring (with something); to be full of a particular quality
to want something very much, especially when it is very difficult to get, long
to free someone, especially from legal, political, or social restrictions
1. to find an acceptable way of dealing with two or more ideas, needs, etc. that seem to be opposed to each other
2. to make people become friends again after an argument or a disagreement
worried or frightened that something unpleasant may happen
1. to punish someone for breaking a rule or law by making them suffer a disadvantage
2. to put someone at a disadvantage by treating them unfairly
to make something disappear; to remove something
1. to make cloth, a carpet, a basket, etc. by crossing threads or strips over and under each other by hand or on a machine called aloom
4. to move along by running and changing direction continuously to avoid things that are in your way
1. to hang or bend down in the middle, especially because of weight or pressure
2. to become weaker or fewer
1. a design or picture that represents a country or an organization
2. something that represents a perfect example or a principle
tricks that someone uses in order to get what they want or to make someone behave in a particular way
alight (v)
1. (of a bird or an insect) to land in or on something after flying to it
2. to get out of a bus, a train, or other vehicle
not interesting or exciting; dull
beginning to exist; not yet fully developed
(in paintings, etc.) a circle of light shown around or above the head of a holy person
to criticize or blame someone because they have done something wrong
come down with something
to get an illness that is not very serious
to make someone feel very ashamed or embarrassed
1. that does not stop holding something or give up something easily; determined
2. continuing to exist, have influence, etc. for longer than you might expect
(v1) to ask for a seat, table, room, etc. to be available for you or someone else at a future time
(v2) to keep something for someone or something, so that it cannot be used by any other person or for any other reason
(n1) a supply of something that is available to be used in the future or when it is needed
(n2) the quality that someone has when they do not talk easily to other people about their ideas, feelings, etc.
involving a lot of activity and strong emotions in a way that is often violent or frightening and not under control
1. (of a situation) not safe or certain; dangerous
2. likely to fall or cause someone to fall
to persuade someone to do something by talking to them in a kind and gentle way
to spend your time doing nothing and feeling sorry for yourself
encouragement to do something
not willing or not able to believe something; showing an inability to believe something
from the outset
to express great happiness about something
1. (disapproving) too much pride in yourself and what you do
2. (formal) an artistic effect or device, especially one that is very clever or tries to be very clever but does not succeed
3. (technology) a clever expression in writing or speech that involves a comparison between two things
having or expressing a strong interest in sad or unpleasant things, especially disease or death
1. very angry, often in a violent or uncontrolled way
2. very excited
to pay careful attention to someone's advice or warning
gall (v)
to make someone feel upset and angry, especially because something is unfair
a feeling of hatred for someone that causes a desire to harm them, spite
a feeling of wanting to hurt or upset someone, malice
to stand or move in an unsteady way so that you look as if you are going to fall
in the grip of
experiencing something unpleasant that cannot be stopped
a person, an animal, or a flower that has both male and female sexual organs or characteristics
without mistakes or faults
1. to wait somewhere secretly, especially because you are going to do something bad or illegal
2. when something unpleasant or dangerous lurks, it is present but not in an obvious way
not able to speak because you are shy or nervous
a feeling of intense dislike
a person who has an important official position
1. the act of offering prices, especially at an auction
2. the act of offering to do something or to provide something for a particular price
(formal) to attract someone strongly and make them feel very interested, excited, etc.
nervous and easily frightened, timid
to make something, especially a feeling or belief, go away or disappear
1. to close a business and sell everything it owns in order to pay debts
2. to destroy or remove someone or something that causes problems, annihilate
1. to invent false information in order to trick people
2. (technology) to make or produce goods, equipment, etc. from various different materials
to give someone information about something so that they are prepared to deal with it
hit on somebody
to start talking to someone to show them that you are sexually attracted to them
of great importance because other things depend on it
the smart or humorous use of a word that has more than one meaning, or of words that have different meanings but sound the same
an unusual trick or unnecessary device that is intended to attract attention or to persuade people to buy something
a person who pays rent for the use of a room, building, land, etc. to the person who owns it
a person, a custom, or an idea that seems old-fashioned and does not belong to the present
pore over something
to look at or read something very carefully
1. a decision that is made by a jury in court, stating if someone is considered guilty of a crime or not
2. a decision that you make or an opinion that you give about something, after you have tested it or considered it carefully
to trick or cheat someone
1. one of the separate sections that something such as a piece of furniture or equipment has for keeping things in
2. one of the separate sections which a car on a train is divided into
1. a piece of music written as an introduction to an opera or a ballet
2. a suggestion or an action by which someone tries to make friends, start a business relationship, have discussions, etc. with someone else
1. to find as much support, courage, etc. as you can
2. to come together; to bring people, especially soldiers, together, for example for military action
severe pain, mental suffering, or unhappiness
to go beyond the limit of what is morally or legally acceptable
1. to hit a person or an animal many times with a stick, etc. as a punishment
2. to move or make something move in a violent or uncontrolled way
appropriate (v)
1. to take something, someone's ideas, etc. for your own use, especially illegally or without permission
2. to take or give something, especially money for a particular purpose
sovereign (adj.)
1. (of a country or state) free to govern itself; completely independent, autonomous
2. having complete power or the greatest power in the country
connected with sex in a way that most people find offensive
very deep wide space or hole that seems to have no bottom
connected with the meaning of words and sentences
(linguistics) all the words and phrases used in a particular language or subject; all the words and phrases used and known by a particular person or group of people
not trying to hide what you think or do
1. not trying to hide what you think or do, frank, honest
2. paid in advance, before other payments are made
a sudden short period of angry, unreasonable behavior, especially in a child
extremely angry, furious
1. not affected or influenced by something
2. (technology) not allowing a liquid or gas to pass through
to talk about someone or something in a way that makes it clear that you think they are stupid or ridiculous, mock
turn on somebody
to attack someone suddenly and unexpectedly
counsel (n)
1. (formal) advice, especially given by older people or experts; a piece of advice
2. (law) a lawyer or group of lawyers representing someone in court
a type of court with the authority to deal with a particular problem or disagreement
save somebody's bacon/neck
(informal) to rescue someone from a very difficult situation
too willing to believe or accept what other people tell you and therefore easily tricked, naive
1. to arrange for people to come together for a formal meeting
2. to come together for a formal meeting
1. the state of having a normal healthy mind
2. the state of being sensible and reasonable
showing that you think you are more important than other people, especially by using long and formal words, pretentious
1. (technology) a mass of air, water, etc. that spins around very fast and pulls things into its center
2. (literary) a very powerful feeling or situation that you cannot avoid or escape from
to stop a meeting or an official process, especially a trial, for a period of time
1. to help someone to have a normal, useful life again after they have been very sick or in prison for a long time
2. to begin to consider that someone is good or acceptable after a long period during which they were considered bad or unacceptable
1. the crime of cheating someone in order to get money or goods illegally
2. a person who pretends to have qualities, abilities, etc. that they do not really have in order to cheat other people
a part of something that is left after the other parts have been used, removed, destroyed, etc.
(offensive) an extremely small person, who will never grow to a normal size because of a physical problem; a person suffering from dwarfism
having a very strong feeling of love or attraction for someone or something so that you cannot think clearly and in a sensible way
all sizzle and no steak
(label, en, idiomatic) A thing or person which fails to measure up to its description or advanced promotion.
lay off
(informal) used to tell someone to stop doing something
markedly different from an accepted norm
a person who is not accepted by other people and who sometimes has to leave their home and friends
behaving in a dishonest or indirect way, or tricking people, in order to get something
quiet, gentle, and always ready to do what other people want without expressing your own opinion
a person who believes that laws and governments are not necessary
a person who believes that God does not exist
a person who believes that it is not possible to know whether God exists or not
1. [uncountable] valuable things that are stolen, especially by soldiers in a time of war
2. (informal) valuable things that someone wins, buys, or obtains
if a boat capsizes or something capsizes it, it turns over in the water
1. to ask someone a lot of questions over a long period of time, especially in an aggressive way
2. (technology) to obtain information from a computer or other machine
a person who pretends to have moral standards or opinions that they do not actually have
1. violent and cruel
2. (of animals) aggressive and dangerous
3. (of an attack, criticism, etc.) full of hatred and anger
mask (v)
to hide a feeling, smell, fact, etc. so that it cannot be easily seen or noticed, disguise, veil
to remove all signs of something, either by destroying or covering it completely
1. (of an animal) to move quietly and carefully around an area, especially when hunting
2. to move quietly and carefully around an area, especially with the intention of committing a crime
3. to walk around a room, an area, etc., especially because you are bored, anxious, etc., and cannot relax
behavior that shows a lack of respect for something serious and that treats it in an amusing way, frivolity
the crime of destroying or damaging something, especially public property, deliberately and for no good reason
a sudden strong feeling of physical or emotional pain
run something by/past somebody
(informal) to show someone something or tell someone about an idea in order to see their reaction to it
1. to remove fat, cream, etc. from the surface of a liquid
2. to move quickly and lightly over a surface, not touching it or only touching it occasionally
3. to read something quickly in order to find a particular point or the main points
1. small and unimportant
2. caring too much about small and unimportant matters, especially when this is unkind to other people
a person who is not accepted by a particular group of people, especially because their behavior or their ideas are very different
1. not reasonable or sensible; impossible to control
2. caused by, or connected with, disease or illness
skilled at getting what you want, especially by indirect or dishonest methods, cunning, wily
showing no shame about your actions or beliefs
1. a lawyer, especially one who can act for someone in court
2. a person who is given the power to act on behalf of another in business or legal matters
to reply quickly to a comment, in an angry, offended, or humorous way
showing strong, unreasonable beliefs or opinions, and a refusal to change them
a Christian ceremony in which a few drops of water are poured on someone or they are covered with water, to welcome them into the Christian Church and often to name them
1. not realizing or caring how other people feel, and therefore likely to hurt or offend them, unsympathetic
2. not aware of changing situations, and therefore of the need to react to them
3. not able to feel or react to something
1. to give a religious talk in a public place, especially in a church during a service
2. to tell people about a particular religion, way of life, system, etc. in order to persuade them to accept it
corresponding in size or degree or extent
a large crowd of people
wage (v)
to begin and continue a war, a battle, etc.
in time
after a period of time when a situation has changed, eventually
1. a short fight between two groups of people
2. an argument between two people or groups of people who have different beliefs and ideas
3. the difference that exists between two things that are opposed to each other
4. a loud noise made by two metal objects being hit together
a situation in which all activity or movement has stopped, halt
(v) to force someone to leave their country, especially for political reasons or as a punishment; to send someone into exile
(n) the state of being sent to live in another country that is not your own, especially for political reasons or as a punishment
1. a place where large amounts of stone, etc. are dug out of the ground
2. an animal or a person that is being hunted or followed, prey
1. (formal) to send someone or something somewhere, especially for a special purpose
2. (formal) to send a letter, package, or message somewhere
3. (formal) to deal or finish with someone or something quickly and completely
4. (old-fashioned) to kill a person or an animal
1. able to feel better quickly after something unpleasant such as shock, injury, etc.
2. (of a substance) returning to its original shape after being bent, stretched, or pressed
(old-fashioned or literary) to kill someone or something in a war or a fight
very shocking or frightening and making you feel very upset
more important than anything else in a particular situation
1. if a plant withers or something withers it, it dries up and dies
2. to become less or weaker, especially before disappearing completely
to make low, weak crying noises; to speak in this way
protection that a government gives to people who have left their own country, usually because they were in danger for political reasons
the power that someone or something has to affect your body or mind
(n1) a failure to do something that must be done by law
(n2) an action that breaks an agreement to behave in a particular way
(v1) to not keep to an agreement or not keep a promise
(v2) to make a hole in a wall, fence, etc. so that someone or something can go through it
a person who gives away secrets about their friends, their country, etc.
to waste money, time, etc. in a stupid or careless way
to argue about things that are not important, squabble
1. without a sharp edge or point
2. (of a person or remark) very direct; saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite
pawn (v)
1. a chess piece of the smallest size and least value. Each player has eight pawns at the start of a game.
2. a person or group whose actions are controlled by more powerful people
like or caused by a virus
(technology) to cross an area of land or water
extremely unpleasant and frightening and usually connected with death and violence
to include something in a particular group and not consider it separately
if someone is undeterred by something, they do not allow it to stop them from doing something
1. used to talk to people in church or to talk about the members of a male religious group
2. people who are part of the same society as yourself
something immaterial that interferes with action or progress
1. to remove people from an organization, often violently, because their opinions or activities are unacceptable to the people in power
2. (formal) to make yourself/someone or something pure, healthy, or clean by getting rid of bad thoughts or feelings
a feeling of anxiety and worry about a situation, or about your life
1. surrounded by problems and difficulties
2. (of an army, a city, etc.) involved in war; surrounded by the enemy
being planned; happening
paranoid (adj.)
1. afraid or suspicious of other people and believing that they are trying to harm you, in a way that is not reasonable
2. suffering from a mental illness in which you wrongly believe that other people are trying to harm you or that you are very important
(v1) to close an envelope, etc. by sticking the edges of the opening together
(v2) to close a container tightly or fill a crack, etc., especially so that air, liquid, etc. cannot get in or out
(v3) (of the police, army, etc.) to prevent people from passing through a place
very strange; more like a dream than reality, with ideas and images mixed together in a strange way
to express the most important parts of something in a few words, a small space, or a single object, sum up
an act intended to make someone believe something that is not true, especially something unpleasant
pedestrian (n, adj.)
a person walking in the street and not traveling in a vehicle
a military government that has taken power by force
fend something/somebody off
1. to defend or protect yourself from something or someone that is attacking you
2. to protect yourself from difficult questions, criticisms, etc., especially by avoiding them
1. connected with or caused by earthquakes
2. having a very great effect; of very great size
1. a way of expressing or making good use of strong feelings, ideas, or energy
2. (business) a store or an organization that sells goods made by a particular company or of a particular type
a perfect example of something, embodiment
hush something up
to hide information about a situation because you do not want people to know about it
a person who is successful in business or industry and has become rich and powerful
a person who strongly disagrees with and criticizes their government, especially in a country where this kind of action is dangerous
the judges of a country or a state, when they are considered as a group
1. a fixed amount of food, fuel, etc. that you are officially allowed to have when there is not enough for everyone to have as much as they want, for example during a war
2. a fixed amount of food given regularly to a soldier or to someone who is in a place where there is not much food available
of various different sorts
1. morally bad and evil; like a devil
2. extremely bad or annoying
(v1) to link a group, a company, or an organization very closely with another larger one
(v2) to join, to be connected with, or to work for an organization
(n) a company, an organization, etc. that is connected with or controlled by another larger one
(especially of a vehicle) to change direction suddenly, especially in order to avoid hitting someone or something
using satire to criticize someone or something
1. (in Islam) a spiritual struggle within yourself to stop yourself from breaking religious or moral laws
2. a holy war fought by Muslims to defend Islam
bona fide
genuine, real, or legal; not false
bona fides
evidence that someone is who they say that they are; evidence that someone or something is honest
(n) a person who has recently joined the armed forces or the police
(v1) to find new people to join a company, an organization, the armed forces, etc.
(v2) to persuade someone to do something, especially to help you
to choose not to demand something in a particular case, even though you have a legal or official right to do so, forgo
a system, especially in a society or an organization, in which people are organized into different levels of importance from highest to lowest
1. to make people stop respecting someone or something
2. to make people stop believing that something is true; to make something appear unlikely to be true
1. a public place for walking, usually a wide path beside the ocean
2. a walk that you take for pleasure or exercise, especially by the ocean, in a public park, etc.
(formal) a lie. People often say'untruth'to avoid saying'lie.'
to praise someone or something
a way of speaking or writing that makes something sound better, more exciting, dangerous, etc. than it really is, exaggeration
1. if water, mud, etc. churns, or if something churns it (up), it moves or is moved around violently
2. if your stomach churns or if something churns your stomach, you feel a strong, unpleasant feeling of worry, disgust, or fear
churn something out
(informal)(often disapproving) to produce something quickly and in large amounts
to take a lot of money from someone by charging them too much
1. very serious or severe
2. (of the senses) very sensitive and well developed
3. intelligent and quick to notice and understand things
4. (geometry) (of an angle) less than 90°
1. to take the place of someone or something
2. to force people to move away from their home to another place
3. to move something from its usual position
4. to remove someone from a job or position
concerned with reducing suffering and improving the conditions that people live in
1. an area in which there is a lot of support for a particular belief or group of people, especially a political party
2. a castle or a place that is strongly built and difficult to attack
(formal) to feel bad about something that happened or something that you did because it had bad results, regret
a system of laws restricting how particular areas of land can be used and what can be built on the land
1. to spread an oily or soft substance over a surface in a rough or careless way
2. to make something dirty or greasy
3. to damage someone's reputation by saying unpleasant things about them that are not true, slander
(informal) a statement that is not true; a lie about something that is not important
tangle with
to become involved in an argument or a fight with someone or something
the quality of being true; the habit of telling the truth, truth
a person who is rich, powerful, and successful, especially in business
(disapproving) open and without shame, usually about something that people find shocking
(v) to try to make someone believe that you will do something that you do not really intend to do, or that you know something that you do not really know
(n) an attempt to trick someone by making them believe that you will do something when you really have no intention of doing it, or that you know something when you do not, in fact, know it
the use of dishonest methods to trick people in order to achieve what you want
a rank or position of authority in an organization or a society
1. to ask questions in order to find out secret or hidden information about someone or something
2. to touch, examine, or look for something, especially with a long thin instrument
the process of making or defending a claim in court
a type of coat that has no sleeves, fastens at the neck, and hangs loosely from the shoulders, worn especially in the past
knock off something(informal)
to stop doing something, especially work
to cut off someone's head
behavior that shows that you respect someone or something
a strong dislike and fear of homosexual people
1. a particular point or stage in an activity or a series of events
2. a place or point where two things are joined
1. to eat all of something quickly, especially because you are very hungry, gobble up
2. to read or look at something with great interest and enthusiasm
3. (formal) to destroy someone or something, engulf
a structure made for bees to live in
bent on something
bent on doing something
determined to do something (usually something bad)
1. a person responsible for making sure that public events, especially sports events and parades, take place without any problems, and for controlling crowds
2. an officer whose job is to put court orders into effect
3. (in some cities) an officer of high rank in a police or fire department
to keep irritating or annoying someone or something until they react
(of people or their behavior) hard and cruel; determined to get what you want and not caring if you hurt other people
2. a feeling of doubt about a plan or an idea
having or showing great determination, determined
if a meeting, congress, parliament, etc. reconvenes or if someone reconvenes it, it meets again after a break
1. to leave someone or something, especially when you have a responsibility to stay, abandon
2. to stop doing something, or leave something, especially something that you enjoy, renounce
by accident; without intending to
seriously; very much
brand (v)
to describe someone as being something bad or unpleasant, especially unfairly
vouch for somebody/something
to say that you believe that someone will behave well and that you will be responsible for their actions
1. the leaders of a movement in society, for example in politics, art, industry, etc.
2. the part of an army, etc. that is at the front when moving forward to attack the enemy
to try to make someone angry or upset by saying unkind things about them, laughing at their failures, etc.
(informal) a dishonest plan for making money
to attack someone, especially a child, sexually