Prehistory & Early Humans

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The period of time before written records.
Humans and other humanlike creatures that walk upright.
Paleolithic Age
The early period in human history from abut 2,500,000 BC- 10,000 BC when humans used simple stone tools.
Neolithic Age
Also known as the New Stone Age, this was the period of time when people started to farm, make pottery, and weave
Homo Sapiens
Scientific name for humans
Homo Erectus
An ancestor of Neanderthals and Homo sapiens, they were the first to walk upright.
Homo Habilis
"Handy Man" was first discovered in 1964. Used and made tools and a direct ancestor to Homo sapiens.
The first known hominids , they appear in Africa 5 million years ago
people who wander from place to place
Agricultural Revolution
The period when humans began to grow crops instead of hunting and gathering plants.
Objects made and used by early humans, usually dug up by archaeologists
Catal Huyuk
A well-developed Neolithic village discovered in Southern Turkey and studied by archaeologists.
A society that has a highly developed culture and technology