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  1. 1:7
  2. Wave Frequency
  3. Ebb Current
  4. Low Tides
  5. Shallow
  1. a These waves move through water shallower than 1/20 their wavelength
  2. b Number of waves passing a fixed point per second.
  3. c Maximum ratio of wave height to wavelength seen in the open ocean. Also known as wave steepness.
  4. d Water rushing out of an enclosed harbor or bay because of the fall in sea level as a tide trough approaches.
  5. e Low water position corresponding to a tidal trough

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  1. These tides result in little variation in the height of tides.
  2. Surface currents are powered by the sun and ______________
  3. surface winds drive surface currents, and each layer of water drags the layer below, but the Coriolis Force changes each layer's direction slightly to make a spiral effect
  4. These are the fastest flowing boundary currents.
  5. There are five of these boundary currents. They carry cold water towards the equator.

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  1. DeepThese waves move through water greater than 1/2 their wavelength.


  2. High TidesLow water position corresponding to a tidal trough


  3. CounterclockwiseWhich direction do gyres flow in the Southern hemisphere?


  4. LongThese waves tend to be less than 3m high, and have wavelengths between 60 - 150m in the ocean.


  5. Wave diffractionBending of waves around obstacles.