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  1. Capillary waves
  2. Constructive interference
  3. Wave crest
  4. Ekman Spiral
  5. Wave trough
  1. a The slowest moving waves.
  2. b lowest part of a progressive trough
  3. c highest part of a progresive wave
  4. d surface winds drive surface currents, and each layer of water drags the layer below, but the Coriolis Force changes each layer's direction slightly to make a spiral effect
  5. e The addition of wave energy as waves meet producing larger waves.

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  1. The subtraction of wave energy as waves meet producing smaller waves.
  2. mature wind waves of one wavelength that form orderly undulations of the ocean surface
  3. Horizontal distance between two consecutive wave crests or wave troughs
  4. Uninterupted distance over which the wind blows without significant change in direction.
  5. a wave in which water oscillates without causing progressive wave forward movement. there is no net transmission of energy in a standing wave

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  1. TransverseIn these boundary currents, the flow is from East to West or West to East. They link eastern and western boundary currents.


  2. WesternEddies do not tend to form in these boundary currents.


  3. Wave FrequencyNumber of waves passing a fixed point per second.


  4. Tidal DatumThe fastest moving waves


  5. UndercurrentsCountercurrents beneath surface currents. Can influence conditions at the ocean surface.