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  1. Shallow
  2. Counterclockwise
  3. Eastern
  4. Low Tides
  5. Long
  1. a Low water position corresponding to a tidal trough
  2. b Eddies do not tend to form in these boundary currents.
  3. c Waves with ___________ wavelengths move the fastest.
  4. d These waves move through water shallower than 1/20 their wavelength
  5. e Which direction do gyres flow in the Southern hemisphere?

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  1. Waves transmit _______________.
  2. Maximum ratio of wave height to wavelength seen in the open ocean. Also known as wave steepness.
  3. The slowest moving waves.
  4. The West Wind Drift is an example of this type of boundary current.
  5. lowest part of a progressive trough

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  1. PolesCircular flow pattern of water caused by deflection of water by continents and the ocean basin.


  2. Surf beatNearly friction free transfer of energy from molecule to molecule in a circular path.


  3. Ebb Currentwater rushing into an enclosed area because of the rise in sea level as a tide crest approaches


  4. BreakThese tides occur when the earth, moon and sun are at right angles.


  5. Wind StrengthHorizontal distance between two consecutive wave crests or wave troughs


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