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  1. Destructive interference
  2. Eastern
  3. High Tides
  4. Western
  5. Wave crest
  1. a The subtraction of wave energy as waves meet producing smaller waves.
  2. b These boundary currents move warm water from the equator towards the poles.
  3. c highest part of a progresive wave
  4. d High water position corresponding to a tidal crest
  5. e Eddies do not tend to form in these boundary currents.

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  1. These waves are the first to form when the wind blows.
  2. Waves with a ratio greater than 1:7 will do this.
  3. These waves have a wavelength greater than 1.73cm. The restoring force is gravity and momentum. Wind waves are one example of these waves.
  4. surface winds drive surface currents, and each layer of water drags the layer below, but the Coriolis Force changes each layer's direction slightly to make a spiral effect
  5. This type of tidal cycle is found commonly in the Gulf of Mexico.

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  1. LongSurface currents are powered by the sun and ______________


  2. Plunging WaveA wave that surges ashore without breaking.


  3. WesternThese are the fastest flowing boundary currents.


  4. EquatorDue to the warmth of the water, the molecules are slightly expanded in this region.


  5. EasternThere are five of these boundary currents. They carry cold water towards the equator.


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