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  1. Progressive Wave
  2. Eastern
  3. Wavelength
  4. Surface Currents
  5. Wind Strength
  1. a These transfer heat from tropical to polar regions, distribute nutrients, scatter organisms and influence weather and climate.
  2. b A wave of moving energy in which the wave form moves in one direction along the surface of the transmission medium.
  3. c The length of time the wind blows, the fetch and this are three factors that affect wind wave development.
  4. d Horizontal distance between two consecutive wave crests or wave troughs
  5. e There are five of these boundary currents. They carry cold water towards the equator.

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  1. Which direction do gyres flow in the Southern hemisphere?
  2. Tide caused by gravitational and inertial interaction of the moon and Earth.
  3. These boundary currents are narrow and deep and have sharp boundaries. Eddies can form.
  4. Progessing groups of swell with the same origin and wave length are known as this.
  5. These are the fastest flowing boundary currents.

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  1. WindThese waves tend to be less than 3m high, and have wavelengths between 60 - 150m in the ocean.


  2. FetchUninterupted distance over which the wind blows without significant change in direction.


  3. Surging WaveA wave that surges ashore without breaking.


  4. TransitionalIn these boundary currents, the flow is from East to West or West to East. They link eastern and western boundary currents.


  5. EasternThese boundary currents are shallow and broad with boundaries that are not well defined.


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