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  1. Rogue Wave
  2. 1:7
  3. Geostrophic Gyres
  4. Energy
  5. Surging Wave
  1. a Gyres in balance between gravity and the Coriolis Effect.
  2. b Maximum ratio of wave height to wavelength seen in the open ocean. Also known as wave steepness.
  3. c A wave that surges ashore without breaking.
  4. d A single wave crest much higher than usual caused by constructive interference.
  5. e Waves transmit _______________.

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  1. caused by the gravitational and inertial interaction of the sun and earth
  2. This type of tidal cycle is found commonly in the Gulf of Mexico.
  3. These are the fastest flowing boundary currents.
  4. These waves have a wavelength greater than 1.73cm. The restoring force is gravity and momentum. Wind waves are one example of these waves.
  5. water rushing into an enclosed area because of the rise in sea level as a tide crest approaches

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  1. EasternThese boundary currents are narrow and deep and have sharp boundaries. Eddies can form.


  2. Slack Watera time of no current, occurs at high and low tides when current change direction


  3. SemidiurnalThis type of tidal cycle is found commonly in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


  4. WesternThere are five of these boundary currents. They carry cold water towards the equator.


  5. Swellmature wind waves of one wavelength that form orderly undulations of the ocean surface