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  1. Transverse
  2. Western
  3. Capillary
  4. Clockwise
  5. Gyre
  1. a Which direction do gyres flow in the Northern hemisphere?
  2. b These waves are the first to form when the wind blows.
  3. c In these boundary currents, the flow is from East to West or West to East. They link eastern and western boundary currents.
  4. d These boundary currents move warm water from the equator towards the poles.
  5. e Circular flow pattern of water caused by deflection of water by continents and the ocean basin.

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  1. Progessing groups of swell with the same origin and wave length are known as this.
  2. A breaking wave whose crest slides down the face of the wave.
  3. A high, often breaking wave generated by a tide crest that advances rapidly up an estuary or river.
  4. Surface currents are powered by the sun and ______________
  5. Horizontal distance between two consecutive wave crests or wave troughs

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  1. Geostrophic Gyrescaused by the gravitational and inertial interaction of the sun and earth


  2. UndercurrentsCurrents flowing on surface in opposite direction to main currents.


  3. LongWaves with ___________ wavelengths move the fastest.


  4. WesternEddies do not tend to form in these boundary currents.


  5. Ebb CurrentWater rushing out of an enclosed harbor or bay because of the fall in sea level as a tide trough approaches.