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-Ne, Num, and Nonne in Direct Questions; Fear Clauses; Genitive and Ablative of Description

aes, aeris, nt.


dominus, dominī, m.

master (of a household), lord

domina, dominae, f.

mistress, lady

lacrima, lacrimae, f.


meta, metae, f.

turning point, goal; limit, boundary

monumentum, monumentī, nt.


nasus, nasī, m.


saxum, saxī, nt.

rock, stone

vultus, vultūs, m.

countenance, face

iustus, -a, -um

just, right

tot (indeclinable adj.)

so many

praeter (prep. + acc.)

besides, except; beyond, past

nonne (interrogative adv.)

introduces questions expecting answer "yes"

num (interrogative adv.)

(1) introduces direct questions expecting answer "no"; (2) means 'whether' when introducing indirect questions

omnino (adv.)

wholly, entirely, altogether

postremum (adv.)

after all, finally; for the last time

quin (adv.)

indeed, in fact

explico, explicare, explicavi, explicatum (1)

unfold; explain; spread out, deploy

fatigo, fatigare, fatigavi, fatigatum (1)

to weary, tire out

for, fari, fatus sum (1 - dep.)

to speak (prophetically), talk, foretell

opinor, opinari, opinatus sum (1 - dep.)

to suppose

reperio, reperire, repperi, repertum (4)

to find, discover, learn; get

vereor, vereri, veritus sum (2)

to show reverence for, respect; be afraid of, fear

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