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No many are free living

Are all protozoa parasitic?


Animal life underwent its greatest diversification during the which period?


A type of photosynthetic prokaryote that produced oxygen for the prehistoric earth?


ancient prokaryotes that are often chemosynthetic, unicellular extremophiles


Protozoa are thought to have descended from...


a flagellate protist that infects the human intestines causing cramps

4.6 bya

When did the earth form?

Cellular slime mold

Give an example of a protist that has an amoeboid stage and slug-like stage

Pre cells

What are packages called that contain non-living RNA and polypeptides contained within membranes ?


One way that seaweeds are classified is by the type of _?_ they contain


If you were canning your own food, what type/form of prokaryotic cell would be the most difficult to kill?


The absence of which gas in Earth's primitive atmosphere was essential to the origin of life?

abiotic synthesis of organic molecules, abiotic synthesis of polymers, precell formation, origin of self-replicating molecules

four stages of the four stage hypothesis of life's origins

heterotrophic prokaryotes

Which came first - heterotrophic prokaryotes or autotrophic prokaryotes?


If you cannot see the life growing, but it is - is this Spontaneous generation or biogenesis

No oxygen 4 bya

One major difference between the atmosphere of the earth today and that found on Earth 4 billion years ago

Green algae

Which protists are most plantlike?


What prokaryotes are also known as extremophiles because the live in harsh environments, similar to ancient earth

Archaea and Bacteria

What are the two domains of prokaryotes?


All algae are capable of undergoing what process?


Give an example of a protist that moves using pseudopodia


The production of organic molecules by oxidation of inorganic molecules


What type of protist causes malaria?

plants and fungi

What kinds of organisms were the first to colonize land?

mitochondria and chloroplasts

The existence of what organelles is explained by the endosymbiosis hypothesis?


Give an example of a protist that is a colonial algae

Evaporation of monomer solution from hot rocks, clay or sand

Under what conditions can monomers spontaneously form polymers?

Methane, ammonia, nitrogen

Before life arose on this planet, what gases were present in the atmosphere?


Give an example of a protist that moves using cilia

Amino acids, sugars, nucleotides, ATP

When testing the first stage of the four stage origin of life hypothesis , what kinds of organic compounds were made?

spontaneous generation

The abiotic origin of life is referred to as...

Abiotic synthesis of monomers

What was the first stage of the process that led to the abiotic origin of life?


Give an example of protists that have a glassy cell wall containing silica.

They decompose organic matter, make nitrogen available to organisms

What are some ecological benefits of bacteria?


Which prokaryotic group is most closely related to eukaryotes?


What are anaerobic bacteria that live in guts of animals?

cell wall

What name is given to the rigid structure that surrounds and supports a prokayotic cell?


Give an example of a protist that has both a pseudopodia and a shell

binary fission

Prokaryotes reproduce by means of...


You discover a prokaryote that can make its own food in the absence of light. Nutritionally, you would classify this protist as a..


What protects a bacterium from boiling and freezing conditions?


What type of organism makes its own food use light?


The simplest eukaryotes are...

decomposers treat raw sewage, prokaryotes clean up oil spills and can be genetically engineered to degrade oil more rapidly, they can clean up mines that are laced with poison

Give examples of bioremediation.


Which protozoan group consists solely of parasitic forms?


What group of protists is responsible for toxic red tides?


What may be unicellular or multicellular and are all photosynthetic

RNA is capable of self-replication, DNA is not

Why is RNA thought to have been the first genetic material?

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