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buying/selling of goods over the internet


conducting business over the internet. not only buying/selling, also serving customers and collaborating with business partners


businesses buying/selling to each other via the internet


businesses sells stuff over the internet


consumer sells to business other the internet


sites offering goods to assist consumers interacting with each other over the internet


version of a retail store, customers can shop 24/7 without leaving home

brick and mortar business

physical store, not internet presence

pure-play (virtual) business

operates on the internet, no physical store (

click and mortar business

operates a physical store and on the internet (REI and Barnes & Noble)

Web Mash-Up

website or web application that uses content form more than one source to create a completely new service (mix lyrics and songs, mix map data, photos, etc) example - Zillow


internalized, no outside access, only access for employees


intranet that is available to strategic allies (customers, suppliers, and partners)


a website that offers a lot of resources and services, such as email, online discussion groups, search engines, online shopping malls - example: Yahoo!


publicly accessible computer system that is set up to allow interactive information browsing (OS is hidden and program runs in full screen mode)

Internet Service Provider

provides public access and related services like website building

Online Service Provider

provides connection and a lot of unique services like its own version of a web browser

Application Service Provider

a company that offers an organization access over the Internet to systems and related services that otherwise would have been on a personal computer / outsourcing part of a company's business logic - manages software, up grades etc

Wireless Internet Service Provider

an ISP that allows users to connect to a server at designate hot spots or access points using a wireless connection

Service Level Agreements

defines the specific responsibilities of the ASP and sets the customer expectations


the B2B purchase and sale of supplies/services online and links organizations to suppliers' catalogs


agents, software or business that bring buyers and sellers together that provide a trading infrastructure


ex of intermediary - central hubs for online content (Yahoo!, MSN, Google)

Online Brokers

intermediaries between buyer/sellers of goods and services ex-travel agents

Content Provider

ex of intermediary - companies that use the internet to distribute copyrighted content (B2C) ex-music, news, etc


a count of the number of people who visit one site and click on an advertisement that takes them to the site of the advertiser <shows exposure, not it the visitor like it or the length of time it was viewed>


measures the visitor interactions with the target ad <time visitor spends viewing the thread, number of pages viewed, number of repeat visits to the ad> <shows effectiveness, gain BI>

clickstream data

the exact pattern of a consumer's navigation through a site - can reveal ways consumers interact with websites

mobile commerce

the ability to purchase goods and services through a wireless internet enabled device

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