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  1. Impulse-Momentum Relationship
  2. Strain Energy (units)
  3. Static friction (units)
  4. Force (units)
  5. Center of Pressure (units)
  1. a N-force that impedes motion when object is static; amount of static friction varies with amount of applied force
  2. b When an impulse acts on a system, the result is a change in the system's total momentum
  3. c N-push or pull acting on a body or a system; has magnitude and direction
  4. d J-special form of potential energy; when an object is deformed its tores strain energy which is returned as KE when the object returns to the origional shape
  5. e m-point of application of the GRF

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  1. J-capacity to do work; "energy of motion"
  2. N-force that impedes motion when object is moving; level of dynamic friction is constant
  3. study of biological systems from a mechanical perspective
  4. Nm-rotary force (drawn as a vector, but as an arc) M=Fd_I
  5. N/m2-Force distributed over a given area

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  1. Moment of Inertia (units)kg*m2-resistance to change in angular motion


  2. Impulse (units)kg-quanitity of matter composing a body


  3. StaticsThe study of bodies in motion


  4. Newton's Law of Accelerationfor every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction


  5. Ground Reaction Force (units)Nm-rotary force (drawn as a vector, but as an arc) M=Fd_I