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f-hole (soundhole)
an opening in the upper sound board of a stringed musical instrument
A string
D string
E string
G string
where the strings rest on the violin
a device that supports the strings on a stringed musical instrument and transmits the vibration of those strings to some other structural component of the instrument—typically a soundboard
tuning peg
used to hold a string in the pegbox of a stringed instrument
peg box
a structure at the head of a stringed instrument where the strings are attached to the tuning pegs
the decoratively carved beginning of the neck of certain stringed instruments
carries the fingerboard, typically made of ebony, but often some other wood stained or painted black
a component on many stringed musical instruments that anchors one end of the strings, usually opposite the end with the tuning mechanism
a shaped piece of wood (or plastic) attached to the body of a violin or a viola to aid in the positioning of the player's jaw or chin on the instrument
sound post (inside)
a small post, usually of pine, on guitars, violins, etc, that joins the front surface to the back, helps to support the bridge, and allows the whole body of the instrument to vibrate