Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy Chapter 3

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groundconnection between the electrical circuit and the groundmacroshockshock from an electrical current of 1 mA or greater that is applied externally to the skinmicroshockshock from a usually imperceptible electrical current (<1 mA) that is allowed to bypass the skin and follow a direct, low-resistance pathway into the bodyohmunit of measurement to report the resistance to the flow of electricityperformance improvementmeasuring the results of a process and then changing it to enhance future resultsproblem-oriented medical recordmethod of recording data about the health status of a patient in a problem systemprocess controla method of quality control which uses detailed information about a process to optimize outcomesquality assuranceany evaluation of services provided and the results achieved compared with accepted standardsquality improvementthe enhancement of a process, structure, product and/or organization to more closely adhere to best-practices, reduce errors, and achieve intended outcomesresistanceimpedance to flow in a tube or conduitSOAPabbreviation for subjective, objective, assessment and plan, the four parts of a written account of the health problemvoltageexpression of electromotive force in terms of volts