Fundamentals of Respiratory Therapy Chapter 4

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Heathcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committeefederal advisory committee composed of 14 external infection control experts who provide advice and guidance to the CDC and DHHS regarding the practice of health care infection control and strategies for surveillance and prevention and control of health care-associated infections in US health care facilitieshigh-efficiency particulate air/aerosol filtersfiltration device usually capable of 99.99% efficacy on particulate matter down to 0.3mm in sizehospital-acquired infectionsinfection acquired at least 72 hours after hospitalizationOccupational Safety and Health Administrationfederal agency of the United States that regulates workplace safety and healthrespiratory hygiene/cough etiquettestrategy for preventing transmission of respiratory infections at the first point of contact within a health care settingsporicidaldestructive to the spore form of bacteriastandard precautionsguidelines recommended by the CDC to reduce the risk of transmission of blood-borne and other pathogens in hospitalssterilizationcomplete destruction of all microorganisms, usually by heat or chemical meanssurveillanceongoing process designed to ensure that infection control procedures are workingvirucidalagent that destroys or inactivates viruses