BR Int Unit 1

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rewardingmakes us feel goodlonelyaway from family and friendsvarieddifferent, not always the sameglamorousLife on board *may sound _________* to some people. (=exciting, different from ordinary things)demandingWe *have a _________ schedule* - we work ten-hour days and have one and a half days off. (=difficult, involving a lot of hard work)variedOur tasks are *quite ______* - we do *a range of* scientific experiments, *but we also* have to perform routine*It's ___ to* watch stars as they rise through the atmosphere. (=enjoyable)depressingMy job involves communicating with government officials, and *I sometimes find this __________*, because there's just so much bureaucracy. (=makes me feel unhappy)worthwhileBut when I see the results of our work, I think *it's all __________* and I have a real sense of achievement.challengingIt's *a ___________ job* - our *most difficult* time of the year is the holiday season. (=difficult in a way that is interesting)rewarding*It's _________ to know that* I've enabled thousands of passengers to travel safely. (=makes me feel good)variedWhat I like best about my job is that no two days are the same, so *it's very ______*.stressfulI get quite worried and anxious. So many people depend on me. It's a very _________ job.routineWe have to *perform _______ maintenance*. (something that happens regularly, e.g. the same every day)dullLife *is never ____* (=boring), but you can feel quite lonely up here.

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