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office of economic opportunity

OEO, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Community Action program

CAP, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Job Corps

vocational training, part of Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Head start

poor preschoolers, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Upward Bound

college preparation for poor teenagers, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Volunteers in Service to America



domestic peace corps, Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

Economic Opportunity Act of 1964

10 separate programs

Appalachian Regional Development Act

1965, Rural and Urban Poverty,

Housing and Urban Development Act

created department of HUD, Massive program - 240000 public housing units, 1966 Low-rent housing subsidies added

Food Stamp Act

1964, Rural and Urban Poverty,

Model cities act

1966, Rural and Urban Poverty


health coverage for elderly


health coverage for poor

Elementary and secondary education act

1965, aid to education, huge federal aid to states based on number of low in come students, aid to both public and private schools, bilingual education, special education

Higher education act

1965, grants and loans to students

national wilderness preservation act

created a national wilderness system

water quality act

vs. industrial waste discharges

clean air act

1965, auto emissions standards

endangered species act

promoted biodiversity, 1966

department of transportation

1966, transportation

Truth in Packaging act

requiring labeling of contents / ingredients

truth in lending act

requiring information on interest rates

Civil rights act, voting rights act

civil rights

Office of Economic opportunity, community action program

Economic Opportunity Act, 1964

Job Corps, Head Start, Upward Bound, Volunteers in service to America

EOA: 10 separate programs, including...

Appalacian regional development act, housing and urban devlopment Act, food stamp act, model cities act

rural and urban poverty

LBJ wanted for all, medicare, medicaid

health care programs

Elementary and secondary education act, higher education act

aid to education

National wilderness preservation act, water quality act, clean air act, endangered species act

the environment

Department of transportation, Unsafe at Any Speed, Highway safety laws


Truth in Packaging Act, truth in lending act

consumer protection

republican gains in 1966 elections, inner city problems persisted, urban violence, racial backlash

backlash against Great Society Programs

Programs were wasteful and created dependency, welfare programs damaged the family, expanded the power, size, and cost of govt, limited personal and economic freedom, credit for the reduction in poverty should go to a booming economy

Conservative Reponse

Poverty was reduced, programs didn't go far enough, govt needed to be larger, smaller govt means too much power for corporations

Liberal response

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