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What part of Czechoslovakia did Hitler annex?
What day did World War Two start?
September 1 1939
Succesful technique Germany used to attack during WWII
Why did Japanese attack Pearl Harbor?
We had an embargo on them
Turning point in the pacific?
Battle of Midway
U.S plane and pilot that dropped the first atomic bomb?
Enula Gay Paul Tibbits
German air force during WWII?
3 reasons U.S wanted to remain neutral?
1. Lives lost 2. unpaid WWII debts 3. invlved in Great Depression
City in Russia
Big "3"
Meet to discuss end of war
Date Pearl Harbor happened?
December 7, 1941
Date D-Day happened?
June 6, 1944
Hitler's empire?
Third Reich
U.S realize Japanese fighting?
Battle of Guadal Canal
Axis Powers?
Germany, Italy, and Japan
Germany into Russia?
Operation Barbarossa
Allies into North Africa?
Operation Torch
Allied invasion of Normandy. Largest amphibious assault?
Operation Overlord
Japanese suicide pilot?
Secret meeting FDR and Churchill - Atlantic Ocean?
Atlantic Charter
Desert Fox?
Erwin Rommel, german general
Ordered Japanese Americans to internment camps?
Executive Order 9066
1st African American pilots in WWII?
Tuskegee Airmen
US general of allies in Europe?
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Commander of allied forced in Pacific?
Douglas Macarthur
U.S code name for making of atomic bombs?
Manhatten Project
First atomic bomb?
Second atomic bomb?
Countries met to discuss appeasement?
Munich conferance
Settling for something to please someone?
We arent going to help allies?
Neutrality Act
Helped allies if they payed money?
Lend-Lease Act
Japanese army officer and politician who ruled as dictator during WWII
Tojo Hideki