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Rules for harmonic progressions and harmonizing a melody

any other chord

I/i leads to...

V, vii^o

ii/ii^o leads to...

I, ii, V, vii^o

IV/iv leads to...

I, vi

V/v leads to...

ii, IV, V

vi/VI leads to...


vii^o/VII leads to...

circle progression

movement of chords where the ROOT (not necessarily bass) of each chord is a diatonic fifth below the previous one

first inversion resolving to I or I6

most common use of the vii^o triad

progression by thirds

movement of chords where root of each chord is either up or down by a third from the previous one


most common major chain of thirds progression (T-T-PD-PD-D)

progression by seconds

movement of chords where root of each chord is either up or down to the next note in the scale (ex I IV V I in major)


The more a chord is inverted, the ____ its function, or the more it functions like another chord b/c the root is ambiguous.


The interval of a 4th against the bass is considered a ___ interval.

place on a weak beat, resolve to a consonant interval

Pay attention to 4th's against the bass: need to (1) ___ (2) _______ with passing, pedal, or arpeggiated function.

prolong tonic function

IV(64) chord is often used at the beginning of a phrase to ___ in a pedal (64) chord because Do is in the bass


only kind of 64 chord found on a strong beat, commonly I(64) prolonging dominant function and resolving to V (I(64)-V7-I)



IV, ii^6, ii(65)

Don't follow V with ___.

I (because tonic chord is more stable than IV)

Don't follow vi with ___.

IV (because not equal in tension)

Don't follow ii with ___.

harmonic rhythm

rate at which harmony changes

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