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Alcohol Dependence

disorder characterized by habitual consuption of alcohol in quantities large enough to interfer with daily activities.

Antisocial Personality

a personality disorders in which the person exhibits a lack of conscience for wrongdoing, even toward friends and family members; may be aggressive and ruthless or a clever con artist.

Anxiety Disorder

Psychological disorders characterized by distressing, persistent anxiety or maldaptive behaviors that reduce anxiety.

Bipolar Disorder

A mood disorder in which the person alternates between the hopelessness and lethargy of depression and the overexcited state of mania.

Catatonic Schizophrenia

A type of schizophrenia primarily characterized by strange motor patterns, such as prolonged immobility or repetitive motions.

Disorganized Schizzophrenia

A type of schizophrenia characterized by disorganized thinking, incoherent speech, and inappropriate emotional outbursts.

Dissociative Amnesia

loss of memory; psygogenic amnesia, a dissociative disorder, is selective memory loss brought on by extreme stress.

Dissociative Disorders

Disorders in which concious awarness becomes seperated(dissociative) from previous memories, thoughts, and feelings.

Dissociative identity Disorder

A rare dissociative disorder in which a person exhibits two or more distinct disorders.

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