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iron is absorbed best in

duodenum and proximal jejunum

iron salts are best given

on an empty stomach

iron should be given

two hours before or four hours after ingestion of antacids

iron is best absorbed as


to enhance the degree of iron absorption

add 250 mg ascorbic acid tablet at time or iron administration

ferrous sulfate contains

325 mg of iron salts
65 mg elemental iron

ferrous gluconate contains

36 mg of elemental iron

pt with persistent gastric intolerance may tolerate

ferrous sulfate elixir

ferrous sulfate elixir contains

44 mg of elemental iron per 5mL

factors that can inhbit the absorption of iron salts

antacids, abx (quinolones, tetracycline),

ferrous fumarate contains

106 mg of elemental iron

recommended DD to tx iron def in adults

150-200 mg of elemental iron (same in pregnancy)

hemoglobin concentration should rise in

7 days

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