LifeSpan and Development

Which of the following statements about adolescents today is TRUE?
Most adolescents display a healthy self-image.
__________ is a girl's first menstruation.
__________ is/are to females what __________ is/are to males.
estradiol; testosterone
When Shelby began puberty before she was 8 years of age, she was considered to have __________.
precocious puberty
Which of the following occurs first in male sexual maturation?
increase in penis and testicle size
Which of the following statements regarding puberty is TRUE?
Late-maturing girls are usually taller and thinner in late adolescence
During adolescence, the development of the ____________ improves the ability to process information.
corpus callosum
There has been a dramatic increase in what type of sex during adolescence?
The use of contraceptives by U.S. high school students has increased from 46.2% in 1991 to ___ in 2007.
In a single act of unprotected sex, a teenage girl has a _____ risk of acquiring genital herpes.
Which of the following statements regarding adolescent pregnancy is FALSE?
America's adolescent pregnancy rate is among the lowest in the Western world.
Mary Carskadon found through her research that when given the opportunity, adolescents will sleep almost _____ hours.
9 hours and 25 minutes
Smoking is likely to begin in grades _____ through _____.
7; 9
A recent trend of substance abuse is _________.
prescription painkillers
Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa include which characteristic?
association with depression and/or anxiety
Piaget's stage describing adolescent cognitive development is called
formal operational.
__________ is the heightened sense of self-consciousness in adolescence, described by David Elkind.
Adolescent egocentrism
Adolescents feel that they are invincible. Elkind called this
personal fable.
__________ is a form of education that promotes social responsibility in the community.
Service learning
Erikson's psychosocial stage of development for adolescents is called:
identity versus identity confusion.
A person's spiritual beliefs are part of her/his __________ identity.
Who identified four identity statuses for adolescence?
James Marcia
In identity diffusion, crisis is __________ and commitment is __________.
absent; absent
____________ is the status of individuals who have undergone a crisis and made a commitment.
Identity achievement
__________ is an enduring, basic aspect of self that includes a sense of membership in a cultural group and the attitudes and feelings related to that membership.
Ethnic identity
Which of these statements regarding adolescents and parents is TRUE?
Conflict between parents and adolescents serves a positive developmental function.
Which of the following strategies is NOT recommended advice for adolescents who would like to make friends?
Be psychologically aggressive.
Mary is a cheerleader and also plays volleyball. She spends most of her time with other athletes. Based on these premises to what type of group does Mary belong?
Concerning romantic relationships, ________ occurs at about 14 to 16 years of age.
exploring romantic relationships
__________ is a ceremony or ritual that marks an individual's transition from one status to another.
A rite of passage
On average, adolescents spend the most time on which activity?
watching television
watching television
__________ is (are) the third leading cause of death in adolescents.
All the following are common components in programs designed to prevent or reduce adolescent problems EXCEPT:
peer mediation
According to Arnett, which of the following are NOT key features that characterize emerging adulthood?
commitment to others
In the United States, which of the following is the most widely recognized marker of entry into adulthood?
holding a more-or-less permanent full-time job
Regarding early adult health knowledge and behavior, which of the following statements is TRUE?
In early adulthood, few people stop to think about how their personal lifestyles will affect their health later in their adult lives.
Which of the following is NOT characteristic of physical development in early adulthood?
large changes in the sensory systems
According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, what percentage of American adults 20 years of age and older are obese?
All the following biological factors EXCEPT __________ are involved in obesity.
a change in the human genome
Regarding alcohol and drug use, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Cultural variations underscore the environment's role in alcoholism.
Which of the following conclusions was NOT made by the 1994 survey of sexual practices among Americans?
Americans' sexual lives are more liberal than suggested by previous surveys.
Regarding the development of a nonheterosexual sexual orientation, which of the following statements is TRUE?
Sexual orientation is determined by a combination of factors.
Sexually transmitted infections affect about one in every ______ adults.
Which of the following is NOT a protective measure against AIDS?
taking acyclovir
__________ is when one person uses his or her power over another individual in a sexual manner.
Sexual harassment
Which theorist suggests that young adults become less idealistic as they enter the work force and face the constraints of reality?
Gisela Labouvie-Vief
According to William Perry, adolescent thinking is __________, and adult thinking is __________.
absolute; relative
__________ is a characteristic of postformal thought.
Knowing that the correct answer may vary from situation to situation
Researchers have found that creativity peaks in one's _____.
A recent survey states that the main sources of stress included all of the following EXCEPT:
forced objectives
Which of the following statements regarding work in early adulthood is FALSE?
In the United States, one-half of all lawyers, physicians, computer scientists, and chemists today are females.
Which of the following aspects of childhood temperament is related to delayed entry into a stable job track during adulthood?
Tom, a young adult, is often emotional, possessive and demands closeness in his relationships. His adult attachment style would be described as
Computer dating services ask questions about a person's characteristics and attitudes. This practice demonstrates that __________ is an important component in interpersonal attraction.
__________ provides an explanation about why people are attracted to others who are similar to them in attitudes and values.
Consensual validation
What is Erikson's sixth stage of socioemotional development, which describes the most important issues dealt with in early adulthood?
intimacy versus isolation
__________ love is to romantic love as __________ love is to affectionate love.
Passionate; compassionate
Which researcher is known for studying romantic love and suggesting that sexual desire is the most important ingredient of romantic love?
Ellen Berscheid
According to Robert Sternberg, consummate love involves the presence of
passion, intimacy, and commitment.
Which of the following statements regarding gender differences in friendships is TRUE?
Women's friendships are more intimate.
According to Popenoe, et al, all of the following EXCEPT _______ are problems that many couples who cohabit face.
sexual problems
In the United States, the average duration of a marriage is just over ______ years.
Many people remarry not for love but for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:
religious reasons
Which of John Gottman's successful marriage principles is reflected in his advice to regulate emotions, compromise, and be tolerant of each other's faults?
solving solvable conflicts
According to Hetherington which of the following pathways for divorcees is described by one who spends time in singles bars and has casual sex for about a year then begins to want a stable relationship?
The libertine
Which of the following statements regarding marriage is TRUE?
Happily married people live longer, healthier lives than divorced people or those who are unhappily married.
Which of the following statements regarding parenting roles is TRUE?
One of the consequences of having fewer children is that men are apt to invest a greater amount of time in fathering.
According to Tannen, men's lack of ______ talk bothers many women.
Puberty is?
The period of rapid skeletal and sexual maturation
a process not an event
Steps in Male Puberty
1. Increase Penis size and enlargement of Testicles
2. Straight pubic hair
3. The voice changes
4. Wet Dreams
5. Pubic hair becomes kinky
6. Growth Spurt
7. Much more mature voice
8. Facial Hair
Steps in Female Puberty
1. Breast bud
2. Pubic hair
3. Arm pit hair
4. growth spurt
5. Hips Widen
6. Menarche
age of 1st menstruation declined by 4 years per decade during the last century in the U.S.- 12.9 years old
what are the 3 leading causes of death in adolescence?
1. accidents
2. Homicide
3. Suicide
when is physical development peak?
What are the 2 markers for becoming an adult?
1. Economic Indpendence-holding a job
2. Independent decision making (taking responsibility for ones self)
When does peak health conditions start to decline?
at age 30
What are the differences in the traits that men and women look for in a mate?
Women- consideration, kindness, dependability, and the pocketbook.
Men- looks, cooking skills, and frugality
Adult life styes
1. Single adults
2. Cohabiting adults-fewer than 1 out of 10 relationships last 5 years
What the average age for marriage ?
Men- 27.5
Women- 25.6
little less than half of all marriages end in divorce
50% of all divorced individuals remarry within 3 years- men sooner than women.