ccna 4 2013

What are two main components of data confidentiality?
Which network component has the primary function of detecting and logging attacks made against the network?
intrusion detection system
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator has issued the commands that are shown on Router1 and Router2. A later review of the routing tables reveals that neither router is learning the LAN network of the neighbor router. What is most likely the problem with the RIPng configuration?
The RIPng process is not enabled on interfaces.
Which three guidelines would help contribute to creating a strong password policy? (Choose three.)
Deliberately misspell words when creating passwords.
Create passwords that are at least 8 characters in length.
Use combinations of upper case, lower case, and special characters.
Refer to the exhibit. The link between the CTRL and BR_1 routers is configured as shown in the exhibit. Why are the routers unable to establish a PPP session?
The usernames are misconfigured.
Refer to the exhibit. Headquarters is connected through the Internet to branch office A and branch office B. Which WAN technology would be best suited to provide secure connectivity between headquarters and both branch offices?
Which combination of authentication and Layer 2 protocol should be used to establish a link between a Cisco and a non-Cisco router without sending authentication information in plain text?
A technician is talking to a colleague at a rival company and comparing DSL transfer rates between the two companies. Both companies are in the same city, use the same service provider, and have the same rate/service plan. What is the explanation for why company 1 reports higher download speeds than company 2 reports?
Company 1 is closer to the service provider than is company 2
Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator creates a standard access control list to prohibit traffic from the network from reaching the Internet. The access list must still permit the network access to the network. On which router interface and in which direction should the access control list be applied?
interface S0/0/0, outbound
An administrator is configuring a dual stack router with IPv6 and IPv4 using RIPng. The administrator receives an error message when trying to enter the IPv4 routes into RIPng. What is the cause of the problem?
IPv4 is incompatible with RIPng.
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is trying to backup the IOS software on R1 to the TFTP server. He receives the error message that is shown in the exhibit, and cannot ping the TFTP server from R1. What is an action that can help to isolate this problem?
Check that R1 has a route to the network where the TFTP server resides.
Refer to the exhibit. Partial results of the show access-lists and show ip interface FastEthernet 0/1 commands for router Router1 are shown. There are no other ACLs in effect. Host A is unable to telnet to host B. Which action will correct the problem but still restrict other traffic between the two networks?
Reverse the order of the TCP protocol statements in the ACL.
What component of VPN technology combines message text with a key to make the message unreadable by unauthorized receivers?
encryption algorithm
Which variable is permitted or denied by a standard access control list?
source IP address
Refer to the exhibit. An ACL called Managers already exists on this router. What happens if the network administrator issues the commands as shown in the exhibit?
The existing ACL is modified to include the new command.
Refer to the exhibit. RIPv2 has been configured on all routers in the network. Routers R1 and R3 have not received any RIP routing updates. What will fix the issue?
Enable RIP authentication on R2.
What name is given to the location where a customer network interfaces with a network that is owned by another organization?
demarcation point
Refer to the exhibit. What is placed in the address field in the header of a frame that will travel from the Orlando router to the DC router?
DLCI 123
Refer to the exhibit. Communication between two peers has failed. Based on the output that is shown, what is the most likely cause?
PPP negotiation failure
What will be the result of adding the command ip dhcp excluded-address to the configuration of a local router that has been configured as a DHCP server?
The DHCP server will not issue the addresses ranging from to
What functionality do access control lists provide when implementing dynamic NAT on a Cisco router?
which addresses are to be translated
Which statement about a VPN is true?
VPNs use virtual Layer 3 connections that are routed through the Internet.
Refer to the exhibit. Results of the show vlan and show vtp status commands for switches S1 and S2 are displayed in the exhibit. VLAN 11 was created on S1. Why is VLAN 11 missing from S2?
The VTP domain names do not match.
An administrator is unable to receive e-mail. While troubleshooting the problem, the administrator is able to ping the local mail server IP address successfully from a remote network and can also successfully ping using the mail server name. At which layer of the OSI model is the problem most likely to be found?
application layer
Which data link layer encapsulation protocol is used by default for serial connections between two Cisco routers?
A network administrator has changed the VLAN configurations on his network switches over the past weekend. How can the administrator determine if the additions and changes improved performance and availability on the company intranet?
Conduct a performance test and compare with the baseline that was established previously.
Which statement accurately describes a role that is played in establishing a WAN connection?
Data link layer protocols like PPP and HDLC define how data is encapsulated for transmission across a WAN link.
Refer to the exhibit. What is the meaning of the term dynamic in the output of the command?
The mapping between DLCI 100 and was learned through Inverse ARP.
What is an accurate description of CHAP when used with PPP on a serial connection between two routers?
A challenge message is sent to the peer router, which responds with its username and a calculated value based on a shared secret. This value is then compared by the challenger to its own calculations.
Which technology is used to dynamically map next hop, network layer addresses to virtual circuits in a Frame Relay network?
Inverse ARP
Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is trying to connect R1 remotely to make configuration changes. Based on the exhibited command output, what will be the result when attempting to connect to R1?
a successful connection and ability to make configuration changes
A DHCP server is configured with a block of excluded addresses. What two devices would be assigned static addresses from the excluded address range? (Choose two.)
DNS server for the network
network printer that is used by many different users
Refer to the exhibit. The corporate network that is shown has been assigned network for use at branch office LANs. If VLSM is used, what mask should be used for addressing hosts at Branch4 with minimal waste from unused addresses?
Compared with IDS systems, what can IPS systems do to provide further protection of computer systems?
stop the detected attack from executing
A company has its headquarters office in Dallas and five branch offices located in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, and Atlanta. WAN links are used for communications among offices in six sites. In planning the WAN links, the network designer is given two requirements: (1) minimize cost and (2) provide a certain level of WAN link reliability with redundant links. Which topology should the network designer recommend?
partial mesh
Refer to the exhibit. Every time the administrator reboots this router, the boot process ends in setup mode. What is a possible problem?
The configuration register is set to ignore the startup configuration.
An administrator issues the command show interfaces s0/1/0 on a router that is configured for Frame Relay. Which console output may indicate an LMI mismatch?
Serial0/1/0 is up, line protocol is down
Refer to the exhibit. Users who are connected to R1 report that they are unable to establish connectivity to the users who are connected to router R2. A network administrator tests the link with the debug ppp authentication command. Based on the output shown, which statement correctly defines the problem on the link?
R1 uses PAP as a method of authentication, and R2 uses CHAP.
Which IP address and wildcard mask combination can be used in an ACL statement to match the network?
A company is looking for a WAN solution to connect its headquarters site to four remote sites. What are two advantages that dedicated leased lines provide compared to a shared Frame Relay solution? (Choose two.)
reduced jitter
reduced latency
Refer to the exhibit. R1 is performing NAT overload for the inside network. Host A has sent a packet to the web server. What is the destination IP address of the return packet from the web server?
What function does LCP perform in the establishment of a PPP session?
It negotiates and sets up control options on the WAN data link.
An employee of XYZ corporation will begin working from home. The employee has a choice of DSL or cable technology for WAN connectivity. Which connectivity characteristic is accurately described?
DSL provides a high-speed connection over existing copper phone wires.
Which option represents a best practice for applying ACLs?
Extended ACLs should be applied closest to the source that is specified by the ACL.
While troubleshooting a problem with an e-mail server, an administrator observes that the switch port used by the server shows "up, line protocol up". The administrator cannot ping the server. At which layer of the OSI model is the problem most likely to be found?
network layer
Which two configurations must be completed before an RSA key can be generated on a router? (Choose two.)
a domain name
local authentication on the VTY lines
What type of ACL can be used to force a user to authenticate to the router before accessing a network?
What is the result when the command security passwords min-length 8 is entered into a router?
All new passwords are required to be a minimum of 8 characters in length.
Because of a remote-procedure call failure, a user is unable to access an NFS server. At what layer of the TCP/IP model does this problem occur?
application layer
What is the result when the command permit tcp any eq smtp is added to a named access control list and applied on the inbound interface of a router?
Traffic using port 25 from the is permitted to all destinations.