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Problem Solving and Programming - MidTerm Test (Written)

Problem Solving and Programming - MidTerm Test (Written)
A high level language...
is similar to spoken words
Computer instructions written in mnemonics is called...
Assembly Language
If a simple machine uses 16 bits to represent its instruction set, how many different instructions can this machine have?
Variables and constants are identifiers assigned to memory locations (T/F)
A ____ error occurs when a program executes successfully but produces incorrect results
Semantic or Logic
A CPU unit typically has
(a, b, c)
- registers
- an arithmetic logic unit
- a control unit
The statement janSales / 12 = totalSales, which should divide the January and February sales amounts and then assign the result to the variable ratioSales, is an example of a _____ error
Which VB data type would you use for storing the letter "q"?
Which numeric VB data type allows more digits of precision?
Given the VB statement, m = n mod k, what is the value of m, if the value of n is 10 and k is 3?
If 45 is an angle in degrees, the math statement sin(45) is written as Math.Sin(45) in VB.Net? (T/F)
List the steps in the program development progress
1. Define Problem
2. Design Algorithm
3. Test Algorithm
4. Implement Code
5. Test Code
6. Document
Write the correct VB.Net relational expression for the English Statement: an age is either under 16 or over 65
Age < 16 OR age > 65
If a Letter stores the value "m", state the value (true or false) of the following condition
(LCase(aLetter) = "M")
Which VB repetition control structure would be best when the number of times that the instructions in the loop body will be repeated is known, or can be determined by the program?
Definition: Application Software
Program that solves a particular problem or performs a specific function for the user
Definition: CPU
Carries out program instructions performing arithmetic, logic and input/output operations
Definition: Compiler
Translates a high-level language into machine code
Definition: Object Code
Program in machine code
Definition: RAM
Volatile memory containing values used as program instructions are run