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Apple Store
Online location for purchasing and downloading applications for Apple devices
Boot Camp
Multiboot utility within the Mac OS that allows users the ability to install Windows and Linux
Disk Utility
An application in the Mac OS that allows disk and disk volume-related tasks
Mac OS utility showing icons for commonly used programs
The search utility in the Mac OS for navigating all of the files and folders
The ways to interact with an Apple touchscreen
The online storage feature of Apple
The password management feature of the Mac OS
An open source operating system modeled after Unix but designed for personal computers
Mac OS
The operating system for Apple computers
Personal Package Archive
(PPA) - a special software repository for uploading source packages for Ubuntu
Red Hat
A leading Linux software developer and popular Linux distro
Remote Disc
Mac OS application that allows a Mac computer use of a CD/DVD from another Mac computer
RPM Package Manager
(RPM); originally Red Hat Package Manager - contains driver and software updates for the Red Hat Linux operating system
Command line interface for Linux
Snapshot Volume
Gives an image of the Linux system at a point in time and allows backup of items that have changed
Software Update Center
Linux application for driver and firmware updates that can be access during or after a Linux installation
Third-party tool used with Linux that allows one to inventory their hardware and software and locate updates
The search tool on the Mac OS which can locate files but can also include items like simple calculations, definitions and currency conversions
System Center Configuration Manager
Tool that allows patch management for Microsoft, Linux and Mac operating systems.
Command line interface in Linux and Mac operating systems that can perform any operation on the system
Third-party Tool
Application developed by a company to work on another company's product
Time Machine
The backup software for Mac OS
A Debian-based Linux distro for personal computers
Update Manager
GUI based tool used for updates in Linux
Powerful utility used to retrieve and install updates and upgrades of software packages or the entire OS in Linux
Changes the current directory in Linux
Changes the permissions of a file or directory in Linux
Changes the owner of a file or directory in Linux
Copies or renames a file or directory in Linux
Used to write data directly to a disk in Linux
A version of the Linux operating system including specific modifications
Searches a file for characters or strings of characters in Linux
Configures a network interface in Linux
Configures a wireless interface in Linux
Lists the contents of the current directory in Linux
Moves a file or directory in Linux
Changes the current user password in Linux
Displays the current state of processes running in Linux
Prints the current working directory in Linux
Used to exit a process, ex. vi text editor, in Linux
Removes a file or directory in Linux
Shuts down or reboots the Linux operating system
Used to run a shell as another user in Linux
Used to run a command as another user, typically the SuperUser, in Linux
A powerful text editor in Linux
Authentication Server
Handles the identification of users and devices on a network
DHCP Server
Network computer that manages a pool of IP addresses and gives them out to TCP/IP capable devices on a network that issue a request for an address
DNS Server
Network computer that resolves IP addresses to human memorable domain names
File Server
Network computer dedicated for the purpose of providing shared disk access for storing and retrieving data requested by other computers on the network
Internet Message Access Protocol
(IMAP) - Protocol for accessing email from your local server; the email is received and held for you by your Internet server; this message retrieval protocol can be used from multiple devices
Mail Server
Like a postal worker, these types of devices handle incoming and outgoing mail
Post Office Protocol 3
(POP3) - Protocol for incoming email where the email is received and held by your Internet server until it is downloaded to your device and then it is deleted from the server
Print Server
Device on a network that manages print requests from computers on the network to a printer residing on the network
Software or computer that receives and responds to requests from other devices
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
(SMTP) - Protocol used for outgoing mail on a network
Web Server
System that accepts requests from a web browser and retrieves the requested information