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Low intensity tropical cyclones

tropical depressions and tropical storms

High intensity tropical cyclones


To be classified as a hurricane, a high intensity tropical cyclone must have at winds of at least _____mph


Hurricanes Generally form only where the sea temperature is at least _____degrees F


called, "The greatest storms on earth" because they are one of the strongest forces on the planet.

Tropical cyclones

In North and Central America what are tropical cyclones called?


In the western north pacific like China and Japan, tropical cyclones are called ___________.


In the Indian ocean and Australia tropical cyclones are named_______.


Name the 3 different names for the same low pressure systems-convergent uplift with a great atmospheric pressure gradient.


All 3 low pressure systems have winds exceeding ___mph and can be ___to___miles wide



Of the 3 low pressure systems the height can get over _______feet tall.


The water must be at least ____feet deep for a hurricane to form.


What kind of atmosphere is required for latent heat to be released?

Warm,humid moisture

What is a low pressure disturbance that is needed for air to converge toward and rise to produce powerful thunderstorms

Easterly wave or tropical wave

A storm can not form 0-5 degrees north or south of the equator because the _______is not strong enough to cause the storm to organize and rotate.

Coriolis effect

What happens If a storm forms to far north or south of the equator?

It will not produce a hurricane because the water is too cold.

To what degrees of the equator do hurricanes mainly form?

5-20 degrees north of the south of the equator.

High pressure tends to have _____skies and ____winds

clear, mild

There must be little to no ______ _______in the Atlantic ocean, in order for a hurricane to form.

wind shear

Most hurricanes form under large regions of ____ ______within the Atlantic ocean

high pressure

The wind speeds of these storms are greatest within the ___ ___

Eye Wall

What is the center of the hurricane called?

The Eye

What are the organized intense thunderstorms called that move away from the eye wall?

Spiral Rain bands

What do spiral rain bands do?

Rotate around and toward the storms eye wall.

What is considered the calm region of the tropical storm?

The center, the Eye

how many stages does a hurricane go through?


3 reasons a storm will begin to die off

Waters too cold
Moves onto land and loses the moisture from below
Moves into a windy area that tears the storm apart

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