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  1. convulse
  2. persistent
  3. audible
  4. turbulence
  5. naturalist
  1. a shake violently or more violently
  2. b
    a person who makes a study of animals or plants
  3. c
    able to be heard
  4. d
    irregular motion especially as felt by airplane passengers
  5. e
    lasting; going on; continuing

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  1. to touch lightly or rub lightly. My fear of heights has abated.

  2. swarm; crowd; multitude
  3. to form a mental picture; able to see a picture of something in your mind
  4. inside
  5. a passage for allowing flame and smoke to escape; a tube or pipe

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  1. wincing
    tearing; a violent twist or pull


  2. wallow
    to move unsteadily; to sway


  3. painstaking
    a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch


  4. stave off
    make or become gradually smaller toward one end; to diminish or abate


  5. hefted
    to lift up; to hoist