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  1. tapered
  2. depression
  3. hefted
  4. lashed
  5. hordes
  1. a low spirits; sadness
  2. b
    fastened or secured with cord
  3. c
    make or become gradually smaller toward one end; to diminish or abate
  4. d
    swarm; crowd; multitude
  5. e
    to lift up; to hoist

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  1. to touch lightly or rub lightly. My fear of heights has abated.
  2. to form a mental picture; able to see a picture of something in your mind

  3. a sudden forward movement; thrust

  4. small, rounded hills
  5. burn and smoke without a flame

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  1. depressionlarge


  2. convulse
    very dirty; nasty; smelly


  3. wallow
    tilted sideways in a rounding curve


  4. drone
    tuft or comb on the head of a bird or animal


  5. extensivelarge