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  1. stave off
  2. wallow
  3. comprised
  4. flue
  5. registered
  1. a a passage for allowing flame and smoke to escape; a tube or pipe
  2. b put off, keep back, prevent
  3. c consist of; included
  4. d an impression on a person's mind; clicked; made sense
  5. e
    to move unsteadily; to sway

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  1. a sudden forward movement; thrust

  2. to attrack; to call; to draw
  3. easily set on fire; combustible
  4. thought or feeling that makes one act; a reason or a cause
  5. to stand or move unsteadily; seesaw

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  1. abated
    tilted sideways in a rounding curve


  2. depressionlarge


  3. cowling
    a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch


  4. lean-toset on fire; to light


  5. depressionlow spirits; sadness