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  1. flailing
  2. haunches
  3. fantail
  4. comprised
  5. turbulence
  1. a
    a fan like tail or end
  2. b
    beating or striking - (flail - a tool for threshing or separating grain)
  3. c
    irregular motion especially as felt by airplane passengers
  4. d the fleshy part of the buttock and thigh
  5. e consist of; included

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  1. the vast (big) level treeless region where the subsoil is frozen; land that is most always frozen
  2. an impression on a person's mind; clicked; made sense

  3. tearing; a violent twist or pull

  4. able to be heard

  5. to move unsteadily; to sway

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  1. telegraphed
    to touch lightly or rub lightly. My fear of heights has abated.


  2. cowling
    removable metal cover over the engine hood


  3. wincing
    a slight involuntary movement from pain or distress, or embarrassment, to flinch


  4. eddied
    came out; came up; came into view; to appear


  5. flammableeasily set on fire; combustible