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  1. massively
  2. smoldered
  3. ruefully
  4. remnants
  5. lashed
  1. a
    fastened or secured with cord
  2. b with regret; sorrowful; feeling sorry
  3. c
    huge; big and heavy; hefty
  4. d burn and smoke without a flame
  5. e
    a small part left; remainder or remains; small pieces

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  1. tuft or comb on the head of a bird or animal

  2. the vast (big) level treeless region where the subsoil is frozen; land that is most always frozen
  3. hole or a dent

  4. small, rounded hills
  5. the fleshy part of the buttock and thigh

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  1. transmissionslow spirits; sadness


  2. flammable
    a fan like tail or end


  3. emerged
    came out; came up; came into view; to appear


  4. altitude
    the height above sea level


  5. igniteset on fire; to light


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