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Understanding meat and game


In a piece of meat, the fat that is deposited withing the muscle tissue


a type of connective tissue in meats that dissolve when cooked with moisture


a type of connective tissue that does not break down or dissolve when cooked


a government prodedure that checks the wholesomeness of meat to make sure that it is fit to eat


a governmment procedure that checks the quality of meat

green meat

meat that has not had enough time after slaughter to developed tenderness and flavor

primal cuts

one of the primary divisions of meat quarters, foresaddles, hindsaddles and carcasses as they are broken down into smaller cuts

carryover cooking

the continued rise of a roast's internal temperature after it has been removed from the oven


the name given to the degree of doneness of a piece of meat that is cooked on the outside but still uncooked or barely cooked on the inside


a disease that could be transmitted by eating undercooked pork


institution meat purchase specificiations

yield grading

a grading system that indicates how much useable meat a carcass has in proportion to fat


the process of inserting strips of fat into a piece of meat, usually a cut of meat that has little of it own fat


the process of tying sheets of fat over the surface of a cut of meat that does not have its own natural fat cover

offal (vriety meats)

a group of meats consisting of organs, glands, and other meats that don't form part of the dressed carcass of the animal

sweet breads

the thymus gland of calves and other young animals used as food


the muscular stomach lining of the beef animal used as food


pork intestines used as food


a fatty membrane covering a pig's stomach


deer meat


wild pig


an animal similar to rabbit but with dark red gamy meat


the process of exposing foods to radiation in order to kill bacteria, parasites, and other potentially harmful organisms


the process of holding dressed carcasses of game animals or birds outside of refrigeration for a period before further cutting, processing or cooking


thin layer or membrane of connective tissue that often covers surface of a muscle

beef primals

chuck, rib, short loin, full loin, sirloin, round, flank, short plate, brisket, shank

pork cuts

jowl, boston butt, fat back, loin, ham, foot, spareribs, bacon side belly, shoulder (picnic),hock, foot

lamb cuts

neck, shoulder, hotel rack, loin, sirloin, leg, shank, ------

veal cuts

shoulder, hotel rack, loin, sirloin, flank, --------, shank

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