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SOS - Unit 022

Operational Air and Space Power: Comprehend the roles of the Commander of Air Force Forces (COMAFFOR) and the Joint Force Air Component Commander in the employment of operational level air and space power
Air & space expeditionary task force (AETF)
AF component of a joint operation:
-- Encompasses ALL AF forces assigned or attached to the joint operation.
-- Task organized; tailored for specific mission.
-- it's CC is the COMAFFOR.
-- Size & command level: wing to MAJCOM
Describe the COMAFFOR's role in joint operations
-- Single point of contact for JFC.
-- Complete ADCON over all assigned forces and specified ADCON over attached forces. Additionally, exercises OPCON responsibilities as delegated by the JFC
Summarize the historical development of the JFACC concept
Successful air operations under Billy Mitchell in WWI, General Kenney in WWII, and General Momyer in Vietnam showed the effectiveness of principles inherent in this concept
Describe JFACC's role in joint operations
Exercises operational control over assigned and attached forces and tactical control over other forces made available for tasking and also recommends apportionment of air resources to the JFC; Duties include Area Air Defense CC and Airspace Control Authority and has the primary purpose to provide unity of effort for employing air and space forces and other capabilities made available for tasking by JFC