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Covalent Bonds Study

How do atoms achieve noble-gas electron configurations in single covalent bonds?
Two atoms share two electrons.
Which of the following elements can form diatomic molecules held together by triple covalent bonds?
A molecule with a single covalent bond is
Which is a typical characteristic of an ionic compound?
The ionic compound has a high melting point.
How many electrons are shared in a single covalent bond?
Which of the following covalent bonds is the most polar?
What does the term coordination number in ionic crystals refer to?
The # of oppositely charged ions surrounding a particular ion.
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of most ionic
They have low melting points.
Which of the following particles are free to drift in metals?
What is the basis of a metallic bond?
The attraction of metal ions to mobile electrons.
What is the element with the lowest electronegativity value?
What is the total number of covalent bonds normally associated with a single carbon atom in a compound?
What characteristic of metals makes them good electrical conductors?
They have mobile valence electrons.
Which of these elements does not exist as a diatomic molecule?
How man valence electrons does an iodine atom have?