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winter Spring Summer fall

Name the four season in the order in which they occur

Winter,Spring, summer, fall

What is the main cause of the Earth's seasons?

caused by the tilt of the earth and revolution of the earth around the sun

What is the main cause of day and night?

The Earths rotation on its axis (spin) is responsible for our day and nights

Why does the sun appear to move across the sky?

The sun appears to move because the earth is rotating, this creates the illusion, that the sun is moving

Explain the difference between rotate and revolve.

Rotate = spin
Revolve = orbit

Draw a diagram that represents the Earth at night. Use circles to represent the earth, moon, and sun. Use an X to mark our location on earth when it is night


What is the tilt of the Earths axis(in degrees)


During which season do the suns rays hit the Earth at the most direct angle?


During which season are the hours of daylight the shortest? Why?

Winter,Because the earth is slightly tilted away which gives less area for the sun to hit

What is the name of the day with the least amount of daylight hours (and beginning of winter)?

Winter Solstice, December 21st or 22nd

What is the name of the day with the longest amount of daylight hours and the beginning of summer?

Summer Solstice, June 21st

What is the name of a day in which the hours of daylight and darkness are equal

on the occasion of the equinoxes, March 21st and September 21st

Draw a diagram to demonstrate a full moon. Use circles to represent the earth, moon and sun. Be sure to label each circle


Draw a diagram to demonstrate a new moon. Use circles to represent the Earth, moon, and sun. Label each circle


Explain why the moon appears to change shapes.

These are phases due to movement of the moon between the sun and the earth. The moon reflects light from the sun. So, when the moon is between the earth and sun, it will hardly be seen, if at all.

Draw a diagram to represent a lunar eclipse. Use circles to represent the Earth, moon, and sun. label each circle.


Draw a diagram to represent a solar eclipse. Use circles to represent the earth, moon and sun. label each circle.


Approximately how often do we have an eclipse?

Lunar: every 6 months; Solar: every 6 months, so twice a year..

Why don't we have an eclipse every month at every full and new moon?

Because the moon, sun, and earth are not lined up together for the eclipses to happen

What is the name of the rise and fall of the water level?


What is the reason for this rise and fall of water?

It is because of the gravitational pull from the sun, moon and earth.

The name of the highest high tide is called what?

Spring Tide

What causes this type of tide to be so high? How often does this happen?

This tide is so high because the gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the earth pull in the same direction, making the tides more intense. Spring tides occur twice a month, every full moon and every new moon.

List the order of the Earth, moon and sun in order from largest to smallest.

a. Sun
b. Earth
c. Moon or (S.E.M)

Explain why a full moon appears larger than the sun.

It is because the moon is closer to the earth than the sun, the sun is further away from the earth.

List the planets in order form the sun. Write one important fact about each planet next to your list.

a. Mercury
b. Venus
c .Earth
d. Mars
e. Jupiter
f. Saturn
g. Uranus
h. Neptune dwarf planet=Pluto

Describe the main reason for the different temperatures on the planets in the solar system.

Main reason is the distance from the sun and sometimes the temperature of the planets core.

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