Horse Industry

What is the height criterion for horses/ponies in the UK?
How many inches/cm in 1 hand?
4 inches, 10.2 cm
What is the height criterion for a horse?
14.3 hands and above
What is the height criterion for a pony?
14.2 hands and below
What is a foal?
At birth and up to January 1st
What is a colt?
Male up to 4 years old
What is a filly?
Female up to 4 years old
What is a yearling?
In first year after birth
What is a gelding?
Castrated male
What is a stallion?
Entire male 4 years and older
What is a mare?
Female after 3 years
What are some breeds common to the UK?
Thoroughbred (TB), Arab, Welsh, Highland, Shetland, Irish Draught (ID)
What is a hunter?
½ or ¾ bred
What does it mean if you are ½ bred?
One parent TB
What does it mean if you are ¾ bred?
1 parent TB, other parent ½ bred
What is a cob?
Sturdy weight carrying type
What is a hack?
Light weight (TB type)
What is the world population of horses? North America/Central America, Europe, UK?
57 million, 14m, 7m, 1m
What is the population of UK horses and ponies?
70%, 30%
What is the UK Horse/pony population based on sex?
52% geldings, 46% mares, 2% stallions
What is the most common horse breed in the UK? 2nd most common?
TB and TB cross, followed by Native breeds
Annual worth of Horse Industry?
£2.5 billion
Percent of the population involved in the horse industry?
Uses of horses- what % does the private sector account for?
90%: leisure riding, breeding, competition
Uses of horses- what % does the professional sector account for?
Riding school/trekking, breeding, competition
Name the 5 most popular types of equine activities
racing, show jumping, dressage, eventing, and endurance riding
What is a chukka?
Term used in polo (hockey on horseback), 7.5 min long, 3 min rest periods, horses changed every chukka
What are the primary objectives of the British Horse Society?
WELFARE- To promote the interests of horse and pony breeding and to encourage the use and protection of horses and ponies, KNOWLEDGE TRANSFER- to promote and facilitate knowledge of the various arts and sciences connected with the horse and pony and the use and management thereof
What is the largest department in the BHS?
Training and Education- to raise standards in the equestrian industry; National exam system
What is the estimated number of horses and ponies in the UK?
1 million