Am History Ch 7 People & Routes

noah webster
author of best-known dictionary in 1800s; promoted a standard national language and public support for education
mercy otis warren
woman who felt the need to participae in revolution and hosted meetings at her home in massachusettes. she wrote plays encouraging independence and wrote History of the American Revolution while encouraging women to balance intellectual pursuits with duties at home
benjamin rush
pennsylvania delegate who signed declaration of independence; said mental illness was a disease not the work of the devil.
benjamin banneker
mixed aa/white ancestry. mapped out plans of DC and published first issue of the almanac with astronomy
charles wilson peale
first museum of new nation
phillis wheatly
enslaved women whose owners permitted her education. grew famous after her poems were published in europe
joseph smith
founder of church of jesus christ of latter-day saints (mormons) in ny. killed by mob in illinois.
william miller
baptist preacher who determined the date of jesus's return, and then changed the date when he was wrong
richard allen
aa religious leader founded the african methodist episcopal church
daniel boone
survived clash with cherokee and was later employed by transylvania compan to cut wilderness road through cumberland gap
john c fremont
"pathfinder" led US troops in bear flag revolt taking CA from mexico
andrew jackson
7th pres of US minimal government, the spoilers system and vetoed rechartering of national bank, harsh policy toward native americans
john l o'sullivan
coined phrase "manifest destiny" and said it was the destiny to inhabit the whole continent
jedidiah smith
roamed rockies hunting for beaver pelts and adopted indian ways
james beckwourth
hunter. rocky mountains. adopted indian lifestyles. married indians.
brigham young
supervised migration to Utah (mormon leader)
john sutter
swiss immigrant living in CA. given land to build a colony. carpenter found gold and land and colony were ruined.
stephen h long
led an expedition across the great plains and reported the region was the great american desert
william becknell
nearly bankrupt american who brought loads of goods to santa fe and sold them
antonio lopez de santa anna
mexican dictator who led troops in war against texas (won battle of alamo)
stephen austin
leader of first american group of texas settlers
sam houston
leader of texas troops in war for independece from mexico and first pres of ind. texas
william travis
leader in texas's bid for independence from mexico - died at the alamo
james bowie
leader of rebel at alamo (killed in battle)
davy crockett
legendary frontiersman killed in alamo
mohawk trail
new england to western new york
forbes road
philadephia to pittsburg
braddocks road
philadelphia to pittsburg
cumberland road/national road
middle atlantic states
great valley road
southerners used to cumberland gap
richmond road
southerners used to cumberland gap
wilderness road
southwestern virginia to ohio valley